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We hope this guide will be useful to you. But 2023 is a year of class changes. Currently use this guide as a start point for your level 140 journey. 

Last update: August
Class update status:  Revamp in U37

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Beorning - blue


Welcome, here you will find a good build for Beorning Tank. This spec isn’t your best tank amongst other options, but it isn’t the worst either. I would rate Beorning Tank to be the 3rd best tank, behind Guard and Captain.

Beorning is a great tank when it comes to offering utility, that is assuming your group doesn’t already have a Beorning healer, and if it does, then its not recommended to take a Beorning tank, unless you have no other option available.

Beorning tank brings great debuffs for the group (especially for the Melee DPS), it has solid Physical Mitigation (around 75%+ with Minstrel), and has great aggro control.

There is not a lot of ‘Form’ switching while tanking, and is generally advised you stay in Bear Form while tanking, at least around 90% of the time.

Other information sources available

Old guide. Last updated for U33 –

Stat Goals

These goals are kept with Essence & Gear planning in mind, as to which Essences are to be prioritized over others. These goals can also be used when picking Virtues.

Tactical Mitigation > Physical Mitigation > Vitality

After Mits are capped or near capped, then Vitality essences can be used. Generally, only Tactical Mitigation essences will be needed, as Physical Mitigation gets capped with just cap-level Gear and Virtues. 

Trait Trees

Early raid build for U37 provided by Ghyns Discord –

Foregoing damage skills such as extra clawswipe, slam and bees. To get access to extra debuffs and crowd control attacks. Extra CC is a bonus in Gwathrenost.


Class specific gear is currently not planned due to upcoming new raid. For an upgrade path refer to


Here are the Virtues which go along with the Stat Goals:



  1. Loyalty (Great for Vitality)
  2. Fidelity (Great for Vitality + Tactical Mit)
  3. Honour
  4. Tolerance (Gives great amount of Tactical Mit, decent Physical Mit and Resistance)
  5. Compassion

Legendary Items

Beorning legendary weapons. Priority upgrades viewable in video. Produced by Ghyn. 

Main hand


HeraldryHeraldry of the Sturdy Ox (Incomparable/Legendary)Legendary
Word of PowerBase Morale MultiplierLegendary
Word of PowerIncoming Damage Reduction (Physical)Legendary
Word of MasteryThickened Hide Duration & Tactical Damage ReductionLegendary
Word of MasteryThunderous Roar CooldownLegendary
Word of MasteryCounter Dodge & Counterattack DamageLegendary
Word of MasteryHearten Heal StrengthLegendary
Word of MasteryRecuperate Heal PulsesLegendary
Word of MasteryShake Free CooldownLegendary
Word of CraftGrand WillpowerLegendary
Word of CraftGrand WillpowerLegendary

Class item

HeraldryHeraldry of the Sturdy Ox (Incomparable/Legendary)Legendary
Word of PowerIncoming Damage Reduction (Tactical)Legendary
Word of PowerIncoming Heal BonusLegendary
Word of PowerArea Effect Target CountLegendary
Word of MasteryVigilant Roar Incoming HealingLegendary
Word of MasteryWrath Refund ChanceLegendary
Word of MasteryRush Evasion Bonus & DurationLegendary
Word of MasteryBear Form DamageLegendary
Word of MasteryRelentless Maul DamageLegendary
Word of MasteryTurn the Tides DamageLegendary
Word of CraftGundabad Word of Craft: AngerLegendary
Word of CraftGundabad Word of Craft: AngerIncomparable

Rotations - Outdated

For AoE aggro control:

  1. To begin with, always start the fight with max Wrath. You can use Biting Edge, Hearten and Ferocious Roar to fill up your Wrath pre-fight.

  2. Go in Bear Form and round/gather up all trash mobs in one place (to your group’s best capability). When you start running, use Vigilant Roar on the first mob you see, then start rounding them up. This makes you reflect threat when mobs hit your Bear. You can also use Claw Swipes and Thrash on mobs while you are gathering them up.

  3. When they are all gathered up, use Vigilant Roar once again if up on the nearest mob and hit Claw Swipe.

  4. Wait a few seconds and let your DPS players hit mobs, take a morale pot if you are going down, or if you are going down way too fast, use Thickened Hide (swap LI if you have the legacy).

  5. Now that you have allowed your DPS guys to do some damage (usually not more than 3-4s), now it is time for Relentless Maul. That skill will pick every mobs attention. Make sure you hit that skill in a central arc so it picks everyone.

  6. After Relentless Maul is down, then it is just Thrash – Claw Swipes. You can put Bees and Armour Crush on high morale targets.

  7. You also have a 3rd taunt, called Thunderous Roar, I usually save this one unless I really need it, if I messed something up for example, so if my taunt missed on something, then only I use Thunderous Roar.

  8. If you are running low on Wrath, quickly switch to Man Form, use Biting Edge – Hearten – Ferocious Roar. After that switch back into Bear Form, you don’t want to be in Man Form for long while tanking.

  9. Always try to keep Thrash on cooldown, its your best Wrath generating skill while tanking.

For Single-target aggro control:

  1. To begin with, always start the fight with max Wrath. You can use Biting Edge, Hearten and Ferocious Roar to fill up your Wrath pre-fight.

  2. Start the boss with Vigilant Roar taunt.

  3. Then apply your debuffs right away, Bees first (don’t forget to swap to unimbued weapon if you have, for the debuff duration). Then use your Armour Crush.

  4. After those 2 debuffs are on, you will lose aggro soon if you have a good DPS player in group, so either do Relentless Maul or Thunderous Roar.

  5. After your second taunt is done, boss is generally yours till it dies, but its good practice to keep taunt on cooldown. Besides, Beorning taunt offer a good reflect and incoming healing as an added bonus, so always keep Vigilant Roar on cooldown.

  6. Now that you have established aggro, just keep your Bees and Armour Crush debuff on cooldown and manage your wrath.

  7. From time to time you might lose all your Wrath, so try to keep Thrash on cooldown and switch into Man Form and use Biting Edge – Hearten – Ferocious Roar and switch back to Bear Form.


Information regarding consumables, why, which types, differences, etc.