Blue Warden

Blue Line Tank Warden Build

By Eadondryt of Evernight

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Welcome, here you will find a build for Warden Tank “Tankings back on the menu boys!”
Before we start, I want to say that the build in the guide is not yet completed but is already viable for T2 raiding. There are still improvements to be made and some experimentation to do to fully optimise, however this is already a viable build for tanking T5 6 mans, 3 mans and some T2 Raid bosses; So lets dive in!

Disclaimer: This build is a work in progress, I have not completed my gear so there are improvements still to be made.

Lets be honest up front, a warden is not going to compete with a cappy tank in terms of overall utility. But there are things the warden does well that many people have overlooked.

  • Excellent mitigations: 70% both Physical and Tactical (self buffed).
  • Best DPS Tank: Great for content where sustained DPS
  • Best BPE Self buffs – even though BPE is mostly useless for boss fights, if there are adds involved this gets useful.
  • Group wide mitigation bonus (45k Tactical and 76k Physical at top tier) for 20s – This is useful for fights where you know a spike damage is coming in, like lightning phase in Remmo, or Woe of the Willow when puddles drop everywhere.
  • Outgoing Damage Debuff – 5-10%

What does the warden lack?

A good way to kite – we don’t have in combat run speed to avoid damage. And to do our mitigation gambits, we have to stop, turn hit, and run again. So in kiting fights – a warden is not good unless the boss can be slowed.´

Self-Heals – I have found on T5 3 man instances, that the self heals are just not good enough to tank solo and keep you and your party alive if big hits are involved. A healer is recommended.

Stat Goals

Wardens need to build a little differently to other tanks, because of their excellent self-buffs to mitigations, you can cap both Physical and Tactical without prioritising them as stats. We just need to pay attention to some Tactical Mitigation on our gear and legacies.

Vitality > Tactical Mitigation > Incoming Healing Rating > Crit Defence

Take your Morale as high as you can, as there is a hidden Mitigation Penetration on T3, so it’s not worth it to use Mitigation essences, you get slightly more gains from more Morale. Physical and Tactical Mitigation should be over-capped for T3+ level with Virtues and Buffs and doesn’t require any Essences to complete T3+ content.

Self Buffed Stats should be:

Morale600,000+ (More the better)
Physical Mitigation~900,000+
Tactical Mitigation~500,000+
FinesseUsually the default vale with gear
Critical Defense~60%+

* While you are gearing up, remove all Essences from your current Gear, and then slot Essences as per the Stat goals. After you have met the Stat goals, then place the right Virtues (more down on that down below). This way you can plan your setup better, and utilize Essences perfectly, and can dump the remaining Essences in Vitality or other Stat of your choice after meeting Stat goals mentioned above.


The Armour Set from Remmorchant Raid for Blue Line Warden is the only way to make this build work. It grants 5% mitigations while Never Surrender is active. This is an absolute must have.

Armour Pieces:

Armour Pieces:  

  • 4x Stalwart Glory Set 

For legs I use the Evasive leggings of the Wind Gate at the moment, but I would upgrade these to the stalwart glory for that juicy ICHR. 


If you don’t have the golden set helm yet, then the Helmet from Narrowdive has a good chunk of vitality on it. 


From 2021 Spring Festival Instance


Reinforced Shield of the Adventurer From Ember’s Barter Box


Trade class-item from Throne Raid – gives an essence slot that is important. 

Jewelry Pieces: 


These drop from Shadowed King T4/T5



From new AD Raid


From new AD Raid or Barter


From new AD Raid


From new AD Raid


These are the only Essences you want to use on a Warden tank. Can save some room for Trigger essences though, for harder content. 

Class Essences: 

This essence gives a heal on evades, and partial evades. Which happens A LOT when you have multiple enemies on you.  It will not trigger so often on solo boss fights, but it really makes a big difference when tanking large groups.  It can heal for 80-100k every 20 seconds, which far outshines any of our self healing abilities. 

Special Trigger Essences to use 

More incoming healing rating and incoming healing %. 

Trait Trees

This is how I trait my Warden:

You don’t need to put too much thought into the blue warden tree.  Take it all except for impressive flourish and War-Cry – because the bonuses are so small for these skills we can use the points better elsewhere. 

Yellow Points:  This is mostly about Marked/Diminished target, we want to invest enough points to get the AoE version, so we can debuff any adds as well. 

To add to this, 5% extra block when changing from ranged stance to melee is nice, but we wont’ use it much.  Debuff duration, is also a better choice than ranged crit for tanking.  More on this in the rotations section. 

Red Points 

We use gambit builders more often in Blue, simply because the self healing line requires it, but we don’t really use bleeds.  So this was a better pick.  Then I put the remaining into Physical Mastery just to boost the damage output, and Aggro generation from our AoE skills. 


These are the virtues I use to reach the Stat Goals. You can play around with these to get the numbers you want, but I would not recommend using any Mits virtues (apart from Fidelity) as you don’t gain much from them.

By using these Virtues, I reach my Stat Goals, while still maintaining a good Morale pool.  

  1. Loyalty (Number 1 virtue for Morale, for any class) 
  1. Fidelity (Number 2 virtue for tanks, gives decent Morale + Tactical Mits) 
  1. Honour (Very good virtue for Morale, also gives decent Tactical Mits and Critical Defence) 
  1. Fortitude (Very good for Morale and solid Critical Defence, also gives some Resistance) 
  1. Tolerance (Big boost to Mitigations and Resistance) 

If you don’t have these virtues, here are some alternatives: 

  • Charity 
  • Innocence 
  • Compassion 

Legendary Items

Wardens don’t have a great selection of tanking legacies.  These were the best  

1-Hander Weapon 
Marked Target Double-cast Chance (Major) 
Gambit Lifetap Damage (Major) 
Light Damage (major) 
Shield Gambit Buff Duration (major) 
Resolution Damage (minor) 
Surety of Death Damage Over Time (minor) 
Legacy of Vitality (Minor) 


Setting: Glittering Ithil Setting of Resistance 
Gem: Glittering Ithil of Vitality 
Rune: Sealed Threshold Rune of Binding 
Device: Elderslade Device of Protection 

Warden’s Javelin 

Heal Bonus for Conviction (major) 
Shield Gambit Line Healing (major) 
In the Fray Morale Regen (major) 
Shield Mastery Block Rating (minor) 
Fist Gambit Skill Damage (Minor) 


Setting: Glittering Ithil Setting of Resistance 
Gem: Glittering Ithil of Vitality 
Rune: Sealed Threshold Rune of Binding 
Device: Elderslade Device of Protection 

Swap Legendary Items

There is 1 swap needed for Warden. An Unimbued 1-hander Weapon.

Non-Imbued LI Weapon Swap (Preferably a 1-hander Axe for a visual cue)

TypePre-Imbued Legacy
MajorMarked and Diminished Tgt Debuff
MinorHampering Javelin Duration
(Rest 4 legacies can be random)


  • Marked and Diminished Target Debuff: This legacy is important because you get additional 2.5% Physical mitigation debuff with this legacy, if you use this swap after getting a Double proc from the Imbued LI (Rotation of this skill is explained in the Warden Class Guide).
  • Hampering Javelin Duration: Useful legacy swap, particulary for PvP and for certain encounters in Raids/Instances.


How to Tank 

Tanking on a warden has not changed much, it is still a pro-active tank, so your preparation is very important to make sure you don’t die in seconds. 

Pre Fight Battle Preparation: 

Dance of War – 3% Physical Mitigations 
Conviction – 3% Tactical Mitigations 
Shield Mastery – Big Evade Buff 
Use Surety of Death – BPE Buff 
Prepare Desolation for the Pull 

Initial Pull: 

  1. Pull with Marked/Diminished Target Javelin 
  1. Use desolation from Battle Preparation 
  1. Use Warning Shot for -5% outgoing damage and a force taunt. 
  1. Use Defiant Challenge for another force taunt and more importantly 5% mitigations. 

Mitigation Buffs: 

  1. Impressive Flourish – 1% Physical and Tactical 
  1. Maddening Strike – 1%  

Aggro Control & Self Buffs 

  1. Use Surety of Death for an AoE aggro 
  1. Start the self healing 2-1 chain – complete the chain for a 9% incoming healing buff 

You now have aggro locked in, maximum mitigations (70%) and buffed BPE.  The rest is just maintenance – use Defiant Challenge as soon as it is off cooldown.  Warning shot can be used once every minute – it is mostly used to pick up strays and keep a -5% outgoing damage debuff on the boss at all times (Lasts 1 minute). 

Keep your mitigation buffs up, followed by War cry chain, followed by self heal chain.  Throw in a shield mastery every once in a while for more evade. 

That is all there is to it.  Happy tanking!

Rotation Video


There are the consumables I use on Warden:

Updated as of U29.