Gundabad Gear Finder

By Squirle

The gundabad gear finder and upgrade is designed to be as compact and complete as possible. Find whatever slot or gearpiece that would be the most convenient or the most impactfull to upgrade for your character.  

At the top you will find the overall source of different gear such as questing, crafting, delving or instances.  To the left you’ll see the quality of gear by colour and item level. And as you go down the list you’ll see what difficulty of an instance or delving you would need to run to have a chance to get them.

In the Free are guaranteed sources such as quest, allegiances etc. In other are other sources or more expensive barter options.


Jewelry is divided into two groups at the moment if not from free sources. They come from a specific 3 or 6-man in yellow or purple. With teals from Ember or T4+. These are all outclassed by Hiddenhoard T2 (unlockable to barter) for embers. 

It’s very much possible to get (select) capped stats without  the raid, but you’ll find yourself at a lot lower morale once you reach the Final portion without. It can be hard to find groups for higher tier 3 and 6 mans at the moment.


Armour is easier to get then jewelry at the moment with the introduction of delving in the Before the Shadow expansion.   It’s quicker and easier to do these then to find runs for Good gear.

Skipping over anything and landscape can be done by passing gear over from other characters or crafting.  This will allow you to run delving 4+ to get any missing pieces. Then either by jumping into some easier Delving 7 missions or finding a partner you can quickly gather up some fancy teal 470 armours.

For the Final part however, if you want to do the raid. You’ll need the raid set. For pvmp you’ll need the Tier 4 pvmp armour.  This is where the long nights begin.

Offhand and other

Shield, offhands, bows and class items can be found in a variety of places. But these are mostly from instances.