Legendary Item Imbuement Guide

Welcome, here you will find an updated Legendary Item Imbuement Guide for every class. You need to be level 100 to start using these guides for your classes, as Imbuement for Legendary Items begins at Player level 100.

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Legendary Item Imbuement is an endgame progression system and begins at player level 100. After reaching Level 100, a player must visit a Forge-master and may imbue their Legendary Items (LIs). Ideally, before imbuement is done, correct legacies and setup is recommended to avoid further cost of LI Imbued Replacement Scrolls (which are quite costly). If this guide is followed correctly, least amount of LI Imbued Replacement Scrolls would be required.

There are a total of 7 Legacy Slots on every Legendary Item (LI), and on it are two types of Legacies, they are either Major or Minor legacies. Three Major legacies are by default on every LI when they are identified by the Forge-Master, and an extra Three legacies are slotted when the LI is reforged till LI level 30. These Three legacies are chance based, they can be either Major or Minor depending on RNG. The 7th legacy (last one) is acquired by putting a Crystal of Remembrance on the LI, this is always Major by default.

There are lots and lots of legacies in total, and the system can get confusing and daunting. Following this guide may help you decide which legacies you need before you start Imbuing your LIs, and which legacies to keep after the LI is Imbued. Furthermore, there are also some tips on how to find the items needed to progress the LIs efficiently, down below.

Legendary Items (Scrolls, XP and Crystals) Guide

There are quite a lot of unique items needed to progress LIs, and these are found in various game modes. Here is which items are required and where to find them:

  1. Legendary Item XP:

    These are spendable ‘runes’ which are used to boost the LI levels, from 1 to the current cap. These are dropped from mostly all types of Instance/Group content. A good way to farm these are running 3-mans on T1/T2/T3 difficulty over multiple multiple characters. Harrowing/Roost should provide a decent amount. Additionaly, a full DN (Moria) Raid can be easily soloed as a Level 130 player, and that gives considerable item XP. Deconstructing level 60 LIs made just for Item XP can be done also, but that is very time consuming.

  2. Anfalas Scrolls of Empowerment:

    These are scrolls needed to boost Legacy levels. Guide for this can be found in Endgame Progression Guide found on this website, but to recap, fastest way to farm these is by doing Weekly clears of Rakothas/Throne Raid on T2, doing School/Library clears when they are Featured Instances and by doing quick rotations of endgame 3-mans over multiple characters per week.

  3. Crystal of Remembrance:

    This is the item needed to add the final (7th) legacy slot on the LI. This is a RNG drop, which can drop from current endgame instances/raids. Auction House always have these listed if you are unlucky with drops.

  4. Anfalas Scroll of Delving:

    This item adds 10 extra LI levels pre-imbuement and boosts all of the legacy tiers by +1 after imbuement. Best place to get this is from a Skirmish Camp, Legendary Barter, for Marks and Medallions.

  5. Star-lit Crystals:

    This item increases the DPS/HPS/Class-specific ranks of LIs. These are also RNG drops from endgame instances/raids, and sometimes can be bartered from Festivals too. Best way to farm these is by doing Rakothas/Throne Raid T2 clears on a weekly basis, then use that currency to barter for Star-lit crystals.

That’s all for the items needed to progress LIs.

Steps to take before Imbuing

Here are the useful steps to follow before you decide to Imbue a Legendary Item:

  1. Make sure you have plenty of LI XP runes.
  2. Identify the First Age LI from Forge-master and write down the 3 Major Legacies which were found on that LI.
  3. Read the Class Specific Imbuement guide found down below and write down the 7 legacies needed for Pre-Imbuement, as per your Class and Spec.
  4. Level your First Age LI to Level 30 and write the extra 3 Legacies down too.
  5. Now compare your written down Legacies with the recommended Legacies found on the LotroHQ Class Specific Imbuement Guide.
  6. After the comparison, find the missing legacies (if any) from random Third Age LIs, level them to level 30 and deconstruct them to get the legacies you miss.
  7. After you have collected all of the 7 Legacies (some may already be on your LI, so skip those), place a Crystal of Remembrance on your First Age LI and replace and correct the 7 Legacies on your main First Age LI.
  8. If the guide requires you to have more Major Legacies than what you have on your LI, then you will have to wait to correct that after Imbuement, and fix the legacy with a Imbued Legacy Replacement Scroll.
  9. After your First Age LI has all the correct 7 Legacies as per LotroHQ guide, then put a Scroll of Delving on the LI. After Scroll of Delving, put 3 Anfalas Star-lit Crystals.
  10. After the Devling Scroll and Star-lit Crystals, start putting Legendary Item XP runes and take your LI from level 30 to level 70, and get all Reforges done.
  11. Last step, this is optional but I like to do it now, max out all the legacies on your First Age LI with Scrolls of Empowerment before you imbue.
  12. After you have maxed out all the legacies and followed all the steps, have a final look at the Pre-Imbued LI, compare the legacies on it one last time with the recommended Pre-Imbued Legacies found LotroHQ Class Specific Imbuement Guides.
  13. If everything looks good, then you can Imbue your LI at a Forge-master.
  14. After Imbuement, only Scrolls of Empowerment, Star-lit Crystals, and LI XP runes are needed to max the LI.

Class Specific Imbuement Guide

In this section, you will find the guides for imbument for each class.