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Beornings can be a tank, dps or healer. As you level you’ll mostly use single target and bleeds. You have access to aoe attacks such as relentless maul or  claw swipe. As you get more traitpoints you unlock damage boosts and utility skills.  

Leveling is generally done in red. Blue and yellow provide survivabilty in either more tanky or (self)heals in yellow. In harder places (such as skirmishes, Deadly + or instances) these can be quite good to outlast the enemies. You’ll rely a lot more on bleeds and cooldown skills then.



Sturdier then red, and an early boost to clawswipe and recuperate.  Mostly for duo, deadly or instances i’d say. Otherwise just use redline



My preferred leveling. . Mobs are dead quickly enough. Execute has been upgraded in the last patch. Clawswipe, thrash, bees and bleeds are my most used attacks

Focussing mostly on extra damage early on with blue mixed in later on



Havn’t used yellow bear since the revamp. Would only use yellow leveling in a group setting with another heavy class such as brawler or champion.

Bees, heals and extra morale from blue is how i would build a yellow leveling bear. This is not an instance or well-educated build.

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