Valid guide?

Beornings can be a tank, dps or healer. As you level you’ll mostly use single target and bleeds. You have access to aoe attacks such as relentless maul or  claw swipe. As you get more traitpoints you unlock damage boosts and utility skills.  

Leveling is generally done in red. Blue and yellow provide survivabilty in either more tanky or (self)heals in yellow. In harder places (such as skirmishes, Deadly + or instances) these can be quite good to outlast the enemies. You’ll rely a lot more on bleeds and cooldown skills then.



Highlights of the blue beorning are claw swipe for extra aoe combined with vigilant roar to take down larger groups while remaining mobile.  Compared to red you’re slower in killing, but also in dieing.



My preferred leveling. While you do miss claw swipe for reliable aoe and have to rely on relentless maul. Mobs are dead quickly enough. Execute and slam are terrible skills. Focussing mostly on extra damage early on with blue mixed in later on



Want to try something different? I see people preferring yellow due to it’s continous selfheals. But i rate it as uncesarry for leveling. The low rating is based on that.  Marking your target and using the aoe bees and fear are a great way to kill enemies in bearform.

Bees, heals and extra morale from blue is how i would build a yellow leveling bear. This is not an instance or well-educated build.

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