Valid guide?

I always level in red, just my preference. Blue can be a bit more survivable, but I love fire. It’s safer, but when fire and lightning so very frightening (when off cooldown).

Red Loremaster is one of the most bursty dps aoe damage out there. Pull half a camp, hit up those cooldowns and it all melts. It better be, cause if it doesn’t better hope your pets has some aggro or you got room to kite around.



Not available yet.



See the general note.  If you know how to maneuver and know your limits, you can add 2 stars. If you want a constant barrage of skill and keep pushing ahead substract 2 stars of the red LM.



Can’t recommend enough against using a yellow based lm to level. No boost to pets or damage.  Some heals and a lot of debuffs that need atleast a 3 or 6 person group or instance to shine.

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