Endgame Progression Guide

Welcome, here you will information on all kinds of dailies and weeklies available at level cap, to help progress your character efficiently. Please visit the Recap section in this guide if you just want to glance at how much currency you can make per week.

There are lots of things to do when you reach the level cap (130), and there are many routes you can take. One thing to note is that, there are many locking mechanisms in LOTRO, meaning you cannot run the same instances over and over again, as you don’t earn loot after you finish an instance twice (2 times). Same goes for dailies and weeklies, most have locking mechanisms, which will be explained more down below.

Table of Contents


As of Update 28, there are many zones which have dailies and weeklies available to progress your characters. It can be daunting at first, but there is an efficient way to deal with them, and time management is key here, especially if you have multiple characters. I will list the endgame dailies and weeklies first, which I think are valuable for character progression at Level 130, and then I will give a route to do them in.

Ideally it is best to do them on Thursdays, as that is the time everyone does them, on World Chat you can find many groups. Weekends are also good. Monday onwards it starts getting slow.

Another good recommendation is to get the ‘Return Skills’ (Ports) to these daily areas. These are acquired from Landscape barters found in the zone, usually called Quartermasters. This saves time and hassle to get to the zones. For every zone, there is a Return Skill, also Milestones can be set to these zones if you don’t have the Skill for returning.

Reset Timers

Here are the reset timers for instances, raids, dailies and weeklies:

  • All Quest dailies reset everyday at 3 AM Server Time. You can do these once everyday.
  • All Weeklies (Wrapper Quests) reset on Thursday 3 AM Server Time. You can do these once per week. These Endgame weeklies typically award Virtue XP.
  • All Endgame instances can be ran over and over again (10 times in an hour before you get instance locked for an hour), but you earn loot from them only Twice per week. This is called ‘Favored Pulls’. You get Two Favored Pulls per instance, twice per week. After your Favored Pulls are over, you only get Common Pulls, which usually don’t award any loot, thus it is not recommended to run an Endgame instance after you have finished your Two Favored Pulls.
  • Endgame Raids also work in a similar fashion, you can run them over and over again, but you only get Two Favored Pulls per week, so run these only Twice per week.
  • Instances and Raids Chest Locks (your Favored pulls) reset on Thursday 3 AM Server Time.
  • Skirmish Raids also have locks, you can only do these Once per week, they don’t award Seals and Loot after you are locked.


Here is a quick summary on what can be done a character on a weekly basis to efficiently progress it to Endgame Level, and more on this is explained in detail on the sections down below.

Content listed in order of importance:

  1. Run the new Bloody Threshold Raid, twice a week per character. It awards best-in-slot Jewels. Any difficulty is fine, but the higher you go, higher the rewards.
  2. Run the Remmorchant Raid, twice a week per character. T3 and above awards Class Set Bonuses which are best in slot. Run lower difficulties also if you have the time, it gives very good Marks and you can disenchant non-set bonus gear for Embers.
  3. Run the new 6-man Stair Battle, twice a week per character. Any difficulty is fine, but the higher you go, higher the rewards.
  4. Run Throne Raid on T2 per week per character. You need the currency for gold or boosting your LIs.
  5. Run Storm of Methedras Skirmish raid once per week per character, you need those Seals for Essence Reclamation Scrolls or sell them for Gold.
  6. Do a few rotations of Harrowing/Roost/AM Instances per week, you need the Embers from these (More on this explained in the lower sections down below).
  7. Do Minas Morgul, Wells of Langflood and Elderslade Dailies and Weeklies (More on this explained in the lower sections down below).
  8. * If you are having difficulties joining groups for Instances/Raids due to having lower level gear than expected, barter Landscape gear from Elderslade and Wells of Langflood (this can be done Solo), fill them with correct Essences (Use class guides for stat goals found on this website), boost your Legendary Items and have correct legacies on them, and then join the groups. More Teal gear you have, the better. Purple gear usually gets rejected.
  9. Do Seasonal Instances when they are available, there is Thrang Instance in the Summer, and Storvagun in the Winter. Do these once per day on T1/T2 with a good group.
  10. Join groups for Remmorchant Side Bosses, you need the Skirmish Marks from these, and can also get lucky with Class Set Bonus gear. Also can get Stat Tome boxes. Moreover, if you don’t need any of that, you can always sell those items for Gold if someone in the group needs them.
  11. Join groups for Featured Instances when School of Tham Mirdain is in the weekly rotation.

Current Best-in-Slot Gear Sources

As of Update 28, the best sources for gear are from the following content:

  1. Remmorchant Raid. Class Armour Set bonus pieces from this Raid are still Best in Slot. This Raid should be ran on a weekly basis.
  2. New Bloody Threshold Raid awards some of the best Jewelry pieces, with set bonuses. This Raid should be ran on a weekly basis.
  3. Askad-Mazal (Shadowed King) still rewards some of the best Earrings, this should be ran on T4/T5 if you still need those Earrings.

If you don’t want to Raid/Group, then as a solo player you can still get decent gear from the new Elderslade zone, and from Wells of Langflood zone as well, barter the gear from those zone’s currencies.

Dailies & Weeklies for Virtue XP

There are three Zones which you will want to do Dailies and Weeklies in when you are level capped (130). These are:

  1. Minas Morgul
  2. Wells of Langflood
  3. Elderslade (Gundabad)

Minas Morgul

Lots of dailies and weeklies to do here, these will typically take around 2 hours depending on your speed and if you have friends to do them with. To unlock dailies and weeklies in this zone, finish all the main quests lines, and try to cap the reputation ‘Reclamation of Minas Ithil’, as that reputation unlocks further dailies/weeklies. You earn that rep via Questing and Task Turn-ins, and you can also earn that from consumable items which you start getting from Minas Morgul dailies and weeklies. If you are stuck and unsure/lost on quest lines to unlock the Minas Morgul dailies/weeklies, try to find the main quest lines on Lotro-wiki.com, the quest chains are explained in detail there.

There are only Three Weeklies worth doing in Minas Morgul, and these are only once a week. Once you are done with these Three Weeklies, you are done for the week, till next Thursday, you don’t have to do daily quests everyday, those are time consuming and do not give great rewards, do Dailies only if you want to max your Rep.

1. Weekly (Wrapper Quest): Imlad Morgul: The Reclamation

This weekly is found from the Two NPCs in Echad Uial, Minas Morgul. These 2 NPCs have 15+ Dailies in total, and you have to do 10 Dailies to finish this Weekly. I will list the 10 Fastest dailies to finish this weekly fast.

  • 10 Quickest Dailies for the Reclamation Weekly:
    1. Wanted Crafter’s Steel (Kill 10 mobs in Harrowing of Morgul Instance)
    2. Wanted Deep-lichen (Kill 10 mobs in Deep-Barrow Instance)
    3. Wanted Morgul Plaster (Kill 10 mobs in Bar Nirnaeth Instance)
    4. Harrowing of Morgul: Untainted Supplies (Pick these from Instance)
    5. Harrowing of Morgul: Brutal Instruments (Pick these from Instance)
    6. Shadow-roost: Abandoned Eggs (Pick these from Instance)
    7. Houses of Lamentation: Dark Rituals (Pick these from Instance)
    8. Houses of Lamentation: The Reserves (Pick these from Instance)
    9. Filth-Well: Lost Relics (Pick these from Instance)
    10. Filth-Well: Restoring the Morgulduin (Pick these from Instance)

Pick these 10 quests together from both NPCs and when you finish the first daily, you automatically get bestowed the Weekly, which is to finish 10 of these dailies. My route to do them is:

  • Finish Harrowing of Morgul Instance at Solo T1, level 122. Three daily quests gets completed here. This also progresses your second weekly, which is to complete 4 instances per week, more on that below.
  • Finish Shadow-roost Instance at Solo T1, level 122. One daily quest gets completed here. This also progresses your second weekly, which is to complete 4 instances per week, more on that below.
  • Start Bar Nirnaeth (Houses of Lamentation) at Solo T1, level 122, go all the way to the first boss, pick things and kill mobs around it, kill the first boss, open chest, take the stair way up for the last item and 3 quests get completed, you don’t have to go to second boss and finish the instance. As soon as 3 quests get completed, leave instance and turn the quests in.
  • Start Deep-Barrow instance at Solo T1, level 122, kill 10 mobs, leave instance and turn in quest.
  • Now 8 daily quests should have been completed, only 2 left. If you want to finish them on the same day, then start Filth-Well instance at Solo T1, level 122, and finish it fully. This will complete 2 quests, allowing you to turn your weekly in, and it will also progress your second weekly, which is to complete 4 instances per week.

2. Weekly (Wrapper Quest): Imlad Morgul: Vale of Sorcery

This weekly is automatically bestowed when you complete any Minas Morgul instance, irrelevant of size and tier.

Four Minas Morgul instances must be fully completed in order to finish Weekly. I do:

  • Harrowing Instance twice, once on Solo T1, and once on Duo T1.
  • Shadow-roost once on Solo T1.
  • Filth-well once on Solo T1.

This weekly finishes with the previous 10 Daily quests weekly together.

3. Weekly (Wrapper Quest): Imlad Morgul: Continued Threats

This weekly is automatically bestowed when you complete the first Scourge (Nazguls in Mordor Besieged zone).

There are a total of 9 Scourges spread out in the zone and 8 have to be killed for the weekly to be finished. Look out for groups in World Chat calling for these.

4. Weekly: Sigils of Imlad Ithil for Embers

This is a special weekly, found in Echad Uial or Estolad Lan, from the Quartermaster NPC. This weekly unlocks when you reach the tier ‘The Reclamation Continues IV’ in Reclamation of Minas Ithil reputation. This weekly also resets on Sundays 3 AM Server Time instead of usual Thursdays.

This weekly quest converts 100 Sigils of Imlad Ithil (which you earn from Dailies and Weeklies) to 500 Embers. Always do this weekly on your main character. And if you have spare Reputation consumables items (which you earn from dailies/weeklies), they are account shared, send them to your Alts, get the reputation to ‘The Reclamation Continues IV’ and turn this weekly in till your sigils finish per week.


That’s all for Minas Morgul Dailies and Weeklies.


If you finish all of these 4 weeklies in Minas Morgul, you will earn:

  • 2,000 Embers of Enchantment (With 4th Weekly)
  • 8,000 Virtue XP
  • 3 Ithilharn Shards (for crafting Essences)
  • 210 Sigils of Imlad Ithil (110 if you turn the 4th Weekly in for Embers)
  • Reputation Consumables

Wells of Langflood

This is a very small zone and it only has One Weekly, which can be done under 10 minutes.

Protectors of Wilderland: Bounties

This Weekly is unlocked after you finish all the Main quests in the zone. It is found in Limlok, Wells of Langflood. Pick the Five Bounties quests from the Board and the Weekly is automatically bestowed. Each Bounty takes around 2 minutes to complete. These Bounties can be done once every day but the main Wrapper quest can be done just once per week.


  • 300 Embers of Enchantment
  • 3,000 Virtue XP
  • Landscape currency (Generally used just for cosmetics as gear from here is outdated.)

Elderslade (Gundabad)

This is the new mini zone introduced with Update 28. Quests here are called ‘Missions’, but they are more or less the same thing. These unlock after you finish the main quest called ‘The Main Gates’. These missions are repeatable dailies which you can 8 per day, and they have some wrapper quests (Weeklies) which award currencies.

There are Two Daily Wrappers quests and Three Weekly Wrapper quests in this zone.

  1. Daily Wrapper 1: March on Gundabad: Missions for the Cause (Finish 3 missions per day)
  2. Daily Wrapper 2: March on Gundabad: Assisting the War Effort (Finish 3 missions per day)
  3. Weekly Wrapper 1: The War Effort: Missions for the Cause (Finish ‘Missions for the Cause‘ Daily Wrappers Four times)
  4. Weekly Wrapper 2: Pushing forward the War Effort (Finish ‘Assisting the War Effort‘ Daily Wrappers Four times)
  5. Weekly Wrapper 3: On a Mission (Finish 15 missions in a week).

Fastest way to get rid of these is to just finish the Two Daily Wrappers per day till all 3 Weeklies are done.


  • Gabil’akkâ War-marks, used mainly for Cosmetics and horses.
  • Motes of Enchantment, used for Cosmetics and horses.
  • 3 Scrolls of Empowerment and 1 Star-lit Crystal
  • 30 Copper Coins of Gundabad (Pretty valuable, can be used to barter Off-hands, crafting recipes and Relics for LIs).
  • 500 Embers of Enchantment.

Weeklies for Valuable Currency

There are two very important weeklies you can do on your character which will help with your character(s) progression. These:

  1. Throne of Dread Terror Raid on T2. Join this as much as you can, with as many Characters you have at 120+. This is a weekly lock raid, so you can only do it once per week. Resets on Thursdays. This raid gives you an important currency, which you can use to barter Scrolls of Empowerment, Star-lit Crystals, Imbued Legacy Replacement Scrolls and much more. Barterer is found in Minas Tirith. You will find groups for this throughout World Chat, but it will be better if you run this with a usual group of friends.
  2. Storm on Methedras Skirmish Raid of 12 people. Join this raid as much as you can, with as many as Characters you have at 130. This is also a weekly lockly raid, you can only do it once per week to get 6 Seals, which are used to barter Essence Reclamation Scrolls from Skirmish Camp.
  3. Last thing are the Featured Instances, I usually avoid these as I have other means of Obtaining Scrolls of Empowerment (which these Featured Instances primarily award). However, if the Weekly rotation of Featured Instances involve the School of Tham Mirdain instance, try to do these if you can, they go by fast and have an average award rate of 3 Scrolls of Empowerments per rotation, which takes 5-10 minutes.

Ember Farming

These are not so easy to farm now as they were in Update 27, but if you still want to farm these, then run:

*You can run these twice per week, per character. The more character you have, more Embers you can get.

  1. Harrowing of Morgul on T2 and T3. These have individual locks. You can make 200 Embers per T3 Harrowing Run, and 100 per T2. If you run them twice, that’s 600 Embers per rotation, which doesn’t take long. It also awards really good Skirmish Marks.
  2. Shadow-roost on T2 and T3. These have individual locks. You can make 200 Embers per T3 Shadow-roost Run, and 100 per T2. If you run them twice, that’s 600 Embers per rotation, which doesn’t take long. It also awards good Skirmish Marks.
  3. Askad-Mazal (Shadowed King). This is difficult instance on T4+, but people run this on T1/T2 to farm Embers. Join these groups on World Chat if you can, it’s quick Embers.
  4. Barter Embers from Sigils of Imlad Ithil (landscape currency of Minas Morgul). You can barter 500 Embers per week per character from the barterer found in Estolad Lan/Echad Uial.

Motes Farming

These are easy now to farm with the introduction of Missions from Update 28 awarding them. However, if you need additional motes, run the instance called Kidzul-kalah. It’s an old 6-man instance. Run this with your friends and set the level at 120 T3 and blaze through the run, it awards lots of items which turn into Motes.

Skirmish Marks Farming

  • The most time efficient way to farm these is to run Harrowing of Morgul on T3 with a good group, twice per week per character.
  • Remmorchant Side Bosses on T1/T2/T3+ are also really good for farming Skirmish Marks.
  • Running new 6-man Stair Battle on multiple difficulties (T1/T2/T3+) is also good.
  • Doing full Remmorchant and Bloody Threshold Raid clears (T1/T2/T3+) also boosts Marks Supply.

Earning Gold

There are lots of way to earn Gold in LOTRO. Here are some:

  • Selling Raid items. Join Pug raids and sell items you receive to people who need them, this is probably the most profitable way to make gold in the game.
  • Throne Raid currency. Barter Star-lit crystals and sell them on the Auction house.
  • Essence Reclamation Scrolls. Barter these from Skirmish Camp and sell them on the Auction house.
  • Doing Minas Tirith dailies and selling Scrolls of Empowerment.
  • Selling Universal Solvents. Buy these from the Lotro Store when they are on sale. This is the best way to turn your unused Lotro Points into Gold.
  • Lots of people resell, buy things cheap and sell them higher on the Auction house. This is time consuming and has a risk factor but can net easy gold if done right, especially across servers.
  • Always do your research before listing items on the Auction House. Always list for 5-10% cheaper than the competition. Try to sell your expensive items on Weekends, Thursday and Friday are the busiest days.


If you did all your dailies and weeklies on your main character, you will earn the following:

  1. 11,000 Virtue XP
  2. 2,800 Embers of Enchantment from Repeatable weeklies and ~1,500 Embers of Enchantment from a rotation of Harrow/Roost/Askad-Mazal rotation per week. Roughly 4,500 Embers put all together. More Embers if you run endgame Raids which I haven’t counted. With Alts, these numbers double/etc.
  3. 6 Seals (Used for Essence Reclamation Scrolls)
  4. Around an average of 10 Scrolls of Empowerment from Harrow/Roost/Askad-Mazal rotation.
  5. Depending on the number of times you ran Throne Raid and the number of bosses finished, lots and lots of Scrolls/Crystals can be bartered from that currency per week.
  6. Apart from all that, running Endgame Instances and Raids will also increase your Character’s gear level. All those award Best in Slot Armour and Jewelry pieces, sometimes Essences, LI Relics and so on.
  7. Try to manage your time well, do the solo dailies and weeklies when they get resetted on Thursdays (you will easily find groups for them on that day), and then join Instances/Raid groups for additional rewards.

Updated as of U28.