Note before using

We hope this guide will be useful to you. But 2023 is a year of class changes. Currently use this guide as a start point for your level 140 journey. 

Last update: June 
Class update status: U38 or later

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Red brawler


Limited definitive information out there due to constant changes to brawler.

Other information sources available

Stat Goals

Trait Trees


Currently easy enough to reach mastery and crit caps. Virtues more geared towards survival stats

  • Fidelity
  • Valour
  • Wit
  • Compassion
  • Confidence

Legendary Items

Brawler legendary weapons. Priority upgrades viewable in video. Produced by Ghyn.

Main hand

HeraldryHeraldry of the Stalwart Ox (Incomparable/Legendary)Legendary
Word of PowerSingle Target Attack DamageLegendary
Word of PowerSingle Target Attack CriticalsLegendary
Word of MasteryFinishing Attack DamageLegendary
Word of MasteryBasic Attack DamageLegendary
Word of MasteryFist of the Valar CooldownLegendary
Word of MasteryLatent Light Proc Chance & DamageLegendary
Word of MasteryQuick Feint Cooldown & Evasion BuffLegendary
Word of MasteryGet Serious Duration & Damage BuffLegendary
Word of CraftHeroic PrecisionLegendary
Word of CraftHeroic PrecisionLegendary

Class item

HeraldryHeraldry of the Stalwart Ox (Incomparable/Legendary)Legendary
Word of PowerArea Effect Attack DamageLegendary
Word of PowerArea Effect Attack CriticalsLegendary
Word of PowerArea Effect Target CountLegendary
Word of MasteryShattering Fist Armour Debuff & DamageLegendary
Word of MasteryBackhand Clout Targets and DamageLegendary
Word of MasteryFulgarant Strike Cooldown & DamageLegendary
Word of MasteryJoy of Battle Cooldown & EffectsLegendary
Word of MasteryBattle-wise Mettle ChanceLegendary
Word of MasteryOne For All CooldownLegendary
Word of CraftAscendent LightLegendary
Word of CraftAscendent LightLegendary

Rotations - outdated

Information regarding the rotation. Which skills and why, etc.


Information regarding consumables, why, which types, differences, etc.