Red Rune-keeper

Red Rune-keeper ‘Cleansing Flame’ Build

By Aba of Arkenstone – Updated for Blood of Azog, U30.2

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Welcome, here you will find an excellent build for Red (Fire) RK, tuned specifically for Endgame Raids and Instances. Fire RKs provide great sustained Ranged damage for the group, they have pretty good self-heals and provide a great utility to the group, called Do Not Fall, which is 2 Revives every 5 minutes.

Fire RK received some buffs in a recent update and is now one of the preferred Ranged DPS, surpassing Lightning RK. I have played RK as my Main before Trait Trees were introduced, so I’ve had my fair experience on the dynamics of the class, and I would be happy to answer any questions you may have or discuss any improvements I could make myself, we can all improve.

Discord: Aba#4648

Stat Goals

*This applies to all levels, from 1 to 130.

The best stats for Red RKs are Tactical Mastery, Critical Rating, and Finesse. After that, Vitality should be worked on to an acceptable level.

Tactical Mastery > Critical Rating > Finesse > Vitality

(These stats are acquired from Essences, Virtues, LIs, etc.)

With Endgame gear and correct placement of Essences, Virtues and so on, self buffed stats should be around:

Critical Rating~600,000+
Tactical Mastery~800,000+
Finesse30% for T3 | 40% for T4+
Morale~350,000 – 400,000+

* While you are gearing up, first remove all Essences from your current Gear. Then slot the right Virtues (more down on that down below) and then slot Essences as per the Stat goals. This way you can plan your setup better, and utilize Essences perfectly, and can dump the remaining Essences in Vitality or other Stat of your choice after meeting Stat goals mentioned above.


The Armour Set for RKs from Remmorchant Raid called ‘Volcanic Upheaval’ is a good set for Red RKs. It gives Smouldering Wrath additional +10% damage, which is one of the highest damaging skills. So, 4x of that set and 3x of the new set from FoKD Raid, giving -10% Induction Times, which is great for Fire RKs.

As for the Jewels, the Best in Slots are from different content, please refer to the tables below.

*NEW: Builds now include a Starter setup, which contains gear from no raids/instances, a beginner friendly setup which can be acquired just from Landscape/Daily questing, such as from U28 Missions and U26 Wilderland Dailies. This Build can be found below the End-game Builds.

End-game Build

Armour Pieces

Gear SlotSet PieceLocation
HelmRemmorchant Raid Barter
ChestRemmorchant Raid Barter
Shoulders Remmorchant Raid Barter
GlovesFoKD Raid Barter
LegsRemmorchant Raid Barter
BootsFoKD Raid Barter
CloakFoKD Raid Barter
Off-handN/A – Uses a 2-Hander Stone
Class ItemCrafted, Metalsmith

Jewelry Pieces

Gear SlotSet PieceLocation
Earring 1Shadowed King T4/T5
Earring 2Shadowed King T4/T5
Necklace AD Raid T4/T5
PocketMissions/AD Raid T4/T5
Bracelet 1Remmorchant Raid T5
Bracelet 2Remmorchant Raid T5
Bracelets AlternativeAD Raid. Use 2
of these if no
Remmo Bracelets
Ring 1AD Raid T4/T5
Ring 2 AD Raid T4/T5

Starter Build

This Build is intended for those who just want to play solo and do not wish to participate in Instances, Raids and Lootboxes. The 130 Level Gear from this Build can be acquired just by doing Solo dailies (and some Crafting) from different late-game Zones, such as from Wilderland and Elderslade. As for Essences, you can drag/drop ones you get from Questing or Crafting (whichever Tier is fine), just try to follow the Stat Goals above and Slot the ones which are needed by your Class.

Armour Pieces

Gear SlotSet PieceLocation
HelmCrafted, requires
Ithiligalad Boxes
ChestWar of the Three
Peaks Missions
Shoulders War of the Three
Peaks Missions
GlovesWar of the Three
Peaks Missions
LegsWar of the Three
Peaks Missions
BootsWar of the Three
Peaks Missions
CloakWilderland Dailies
Off-handN/A – Uses a 2-Hander Stone
Class ItemCrafted, Metalsmith

Jewelry Pieces

Gear SlotSet PieceLocation
Earring 1Wilderland Dailies
Earring 2Wilderland Dailies
Necklace Wilderland Dailies
PocketWilderland Dailies
Bracelet 1Wilderland Dailies
Bracelet 2Wilderland Dailies
Ring 1Wilderland Dailies
Ring 2 Wilderland Dailies


Essence NameEssenceNote
Critical RatingUse these to reach
~600,000+ Critical Rating.
Tactical MasteryUse these to reach
~800,000 Tactical Mastery.
FinesseUse these to reach
~300,000 Finesse for T3+.

~400,000+ Finesse for
VitalityUse these to reach
~400,000+ Morale.
Tactical Mastery TriggerUse 1 of these.
Critical Rating Trigger 1Use 1 of these.
Critical Rating Trigger 2Use 1 of these.
Frost TriggerUse 1 of these if there’s room.
Fire TriggerUse 1 of these if there’s room.

*Note: If you do not have the resources/solvents for Slade-wrought (Tier 6) Essences, then you can use Tier 4 or Tier 5 Essences, and they are still good enough for all content!

Trait Trees

Here is how Fire RK is traited:

Fire RK Red Tree.

This trait tree is for maximum DPS. It has full points into the Trait Closing Remarks, which increases the proc chance of getting that buff. I would use this Trait Tree for most Raid and Group situations. I have used Volcanic Rune-stone instead of Self Motivation purely for fast Attunement building, you could trait Self Motivation for the emergency heal but without maximum points into Hastened Determination it isn’t instant cast and you would be most likely dead before the skill goes off.

Trait tree’s are there to be changed to meet your needs or requirement for what you are wanting to do. In Solo or Small group content, I would probably take a few points out of Closing Remarks and put them into Self Motivation purely for survivability purposes, after all … a dead dps is not a good dps.


These are the virtues I use to reach the Stat Goals. You can play around with these to get the numbers you want, but I would not recommend using any Mits virtues (apart from Fidelity) as you don’t gain much from them.

Virtues for RK.

By using these Virtues, I reach my Stat Goals, while still maintaining a good Morale pool.

  1. Honesty (Great for extra Outgoing Healing (through Tactical Mastery) and Critical Rating)
  2. Wisdom (Great for Will/Mastery boost along with some Finesse)
  3. Confidence (Great for extra Critical and some Finesse)
  4. Wit (Excellent for Finesse, and good for extra Mastery/Critical) (I swap this to Fidelity for tougher fights)
  5. Loyalty (Number 1 virtue for Morale, for any class)

If you don’t have these virtues, here are some alternatives:

  • Tolerance
  • Fidelity

Legendary Items

These are pretty straight-forward for Red RKs, there’s no weapon swapping for DPS at all. However, if you can swap Rune-stones for Flurry of Words debuff (if no one in your group is doing it that is), that can comes in pretty nice, and a Weapon / Bag swap for placing DNFs is quite nice too.

Rune-stone (Weapon)

TypePost-Imbued Legacy
MajorFire-type Damage
MajorFury of Storm Damage
MajorWrath of Flame Damage Over Time
MinorFrost Damage
MinorDistracting Flame Cooldown
and Combustion Damage
MinorFury of Storm Critical Damage
MinorVivid Imagery Targets


Rune-keeper’s Rune-satchel (Class Item)

TypePost-Imbued Legacy
MajorDistracting Flame Damage
MajorEssence of Flame Damage
MajorSelf Motivation Cooldown
and Runestone Healing/Damage
MajorWrit of Fire Damage
MinorCeaseless Argument Damage
MinorEpic Conclusion Damage
MinorSmouldering Wrath Power Cost
and Searing Words Damage


Swap Legendary Items

There are a few swaps needed for DPS RKs. One Swap is needed for extra Flurry of Words duration and another Two swaps are needed for the skill called: Do Not Fall This Day (DNFs).

Here’s the swap for Flurry of Words:

Non-Imbued Rune-stone Swap

TypeNon-Imbued Legacy
MinorChill of Winter Debuff Duration
(Rest 5 legacies can be random)

This Rune-stone is used as a swap for the following skill:

  • Flurry of Words. It makes the skill’s duration last for 25 seconds and its cooldown is 25 seconds also, which makes the debuff a 100% uptime. Pretty nice to swap to this for the debuff.

Here are the swaps needed for the skill Do Not Fall This Day (DNF):

(Use the Healing LIs to swap for DNF)

Swap Rune-stone & Bag
  1. Rune-stone is needed for the Healing Attuned Skill Power Cost Legacy, it has a 2nd legacy on imbuement which increases the Morale return on RK Revives (DNFs) by up to 90%+, which is very important for those who take DNFs.
  2. Bag is used as a swap for DNFs as well. It reduces DNF cooldown by half, allowing the RK to place it on 2 people per 5 minutes. Pretty important to swap for this (Don’t forget to swap back).

It is very good to swap both, Rune-stone and Bag before placing a DNF, this way it ensures your target revives with 90%+ Morale pool and gets your DNF cooldown to 2m30s.


Before we begin the Rotation tips, here are a few things explained first.

Attunement Explained:

  • Attunement is the class system for RK like Fervour is for Champion or Focus for Hunter, the higher the Attunement the harder you hit. 0 being the lowest (Healing line), 10 being Neutral and 20 being the highest (Red/Yellow line). It is important to make sure your hard hitting skills are used when Attunement is at its maximum level (20). There are Attunement spenders (which I will move onto shortly), which decrease or reset your Attunement back down to Neutral.

Animation Cancels Explained:

  • The animation of Vivid Imagery and Epic Conclusion can be cancelled when you use Final Words or Armour of the Elements just after, speeding up your rotation and combining more skills together to maximize your dps.


  • Red-line Rune-keeper DPS is very RNG, so no rotation is going to be the same. Decent DPS is anything over 200k over 3 minutes on the Dummy.
  • Turn off Auto Attacks in settings (in Combat settings), this will allow you to use Scathing Mockery and Combustion simultaneously. After an Essay of Fire has been used, then queue up Scathing Mockery and hit Combustion as soon as the Essay of Fire induction ends.
  • With having Closing Remarks traited, you are going to weave the skills; Ceaseless Argument, and Scribes Spark in-between your fire dot builders in the aim to get the buff to proc.
  • Track the duration of Closing Remarks if you need to via a plugin, when it is about to expire use Epic Conclusion, which will provide a DoT if C&R is active and also consume Closing Remarks changing it to the buff: Aftershock.
  • After using some Attunement spenders (Combustion or Epic Conclusion), then to quickly build up your Attunement, you can use Rune Stones, Essence of Storm, Vivid Imagery or crafted Enamels to quickly regain full Attunement.
  • Swap to Yellow line and use Concession and Rebuttal (for the DoT from Epic conclusion when closing remarks has proc’d) and then switch back to Red-line and continue.


by Aba

There are a few different rotations depending on the circumstances of the fight, whether its a Boss pull, AoE situation or a Dummy parse.

This rotation is an example, Red RK rotation is very proc dependant and cannot be scripted but I will do my best to incorporate the Skill prioritisation for different situations, in summary for a beginner point of view, you want to use:


Essay of Fire -> Scathing Mockery -> Writ of Fire -> Smouldering Wrath -> Fiery Ridicule or Distracting Flame –> repeat.

Essay of Fire -> Essay of Flame -> Ceaseless Argument -> Writ of Fire -> Smouldering Wrath (important you use this off of CD for maximum DPS)

Fiery ridicule -> Scribe’s Spark -> Distracting Flame (track this skill and don’t use again until its about to expire) at this point your DoT’s are up, you now need to tier Writ of fire and Fiery Ridicule up to Tier 3 (assuming Closing Remarks has proc’d)

You can fit in another Essay of fire -> Essence of Flame -> Smouldering Wrath -> go back into Writ of Fire -> Fiery Ridicule -> Ceaseless spam.

Essay of Fire -> Scathing Mockery (Closing Remarks has 2 seconds left) -> use Epic Conclusion (gain Aftershock and EC DoT). Attunement is now neutral, so now use Attunement builders.

After builders -> Smouldering Wrath (if off CD), if not refresh tier 3 Dots -> weaving through Ceaseless Argument and Scribe spark as Closing remarks can be proc’d and applied again as soon as Aftershock has ended -> Smouldering Wrath -> refresh Distracting flame -> weave through Writ of Fire -> Fiery Ridicule -> (no Closing remarks proc) -> Essay of Fire -> simultaneous Scathing mockery and Combustion- (Attunement now neutral)- Vivid imagery -> Final word animation interrupt -> Attunement builders or re-apply Tier 3 DoTs.


In an AoE situation, I prioritize getting Writ of Fire to Tier 3, and alternating with Fiery Ridicule and Distracting Flame.

Then use Essay of Fire -> Scathing Mockery combined with Combustion to spread the Writ of Fire dot to multiple enemies

Slam down Runestones for full Attunement -> Essence of storm and then use Smouldering Wrath.


There are the consumables I use on RK:

  1. This Enamel I use for a Dev. boost when there are Oathbreakers on the target.

And this is the food I use:

Updated as of U30.