Red Warden

Red Line DPS Warden ‘Reckless’ Build

By Ace of Arkenstone – Updated for Blood of Azog, U30.2

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Welcome, here you will find a possibly the best Red Warden build you can find, tuned specifically for high-end Raiding. Red Wardens have one of the best sustainable DPS (if not the best) in the game right now.

Apart from great DPS, they also bring in some debuffs which benefit the entire team. They can debuff a target’s physical mitigation by up to 12.5% (which will be explained down below on how to achieve) and up to 7.5% tactical mitigation debuff with a swap.

Red Wardens get their DPS majorly from DoTs (damage over time skills), which requires quite a steady and consistent rotation, which takes plenty of practice. If the player can commit to practicing and mastering a precise rotation, there are no limits when playing a class like Warden, which no other MMO has something even close which can resemble the gameplay of this class.

Stat Goals

*This applies to all levels, from 1 to 130.

Red Warden’s primary role is DPS, their stat goals should be:

Physical Mastery > Critical Rating > Finesse > Vitality

(These stats are acquired from Essences, Virtues, LIs, etc.)

With Endgame gear and correct placement of Essences, Virtues and so on, Warden’s unbuffed stats should be around:

Critical Rating~630,000
Physical Mastery~850,000
Finesse30% for T3 | 40% for T4/T5

* While you are gearing up, first remove all Essences from your current Gear. Then slot the right Virtues (more down on that down below) and then slot Essences as per the Stat goals. This way you can plan your setup better, and utilize Essences perfectly, and can dump the remaining Essences in Vitality or other Stat of your choice after meeting Stat goals mentioned above.


Red Wardens got a great set bonus from Remmorchant raid, and it’s best in slot for them. It’s called the ‘Adroit Manoeuvre’ set, which reduces the cooldown of all Mastery skills by 5 seconds. This allows the Warden to use a Mastery skill just about every 10 seconds. So, 4x of Remmorchant set, which then can be paired with the new 3x of FoKD Raid set, which will give -10% Attack Duration and some additional stats.

As for the Jewels, the Best in Slots are from different content, please refer to the tables below.

*NEW: Builds now include a Starter setup, which contains gear from no raids/instances, a beginner friendly setup which can be acquired just from Landscape/Daily questing, such as from U28 Missions and U26 Wilderland Dailies. This Build can be found below the End-game Builds.

End-game Build

Armour Pieces

Gear SlotSet PieceLocation
HelmRemmorchant Raid Barter
ChestRemmorchant Raid Barter
Shoulders Remmorchant Raid Barter
GlovesFoKD Raid Barter
LegsRemmorchant Raid Barter
BootsFoKD Raid Barter
CloakFoKD Raid Barter
Off-handEmbers Lootbox Barter
Class ItemThrone Raid Barter

Use Class Essence
here also.

Jewelry Pieces

Gear SlotSet PieceLocation
Earring 1Shadowed King T4/T5
Earring 2Shadowed King T4/T5
Necklace AD Raid T4/T5
PocketMissions/AD Raid T4/T5
Bracelet 1Remmorchant Raid T5
Bracelet 2Remmorchant Raid T5
Bracelets AlternativeAD Raid. Use 2
of these if no
Remmo Bracelets
Ring 1AD Raid T4/T5
Ring 2 AD Raid T4/T5

Starter Build

This Build is intended for those who just want to play solo and do not wish to participate in Instances, Raids and Lootboxes. The 130 Level Gear from this Build can be acquired just by doing Solo dailies (and some Crafting) from different late-game Zones, such as from Wilderland and Elderslade. As for Essences, you can drag/drop ones you get from Questing or Crafting (whichever Tier is fine), just try to follow the Stat Goals above and Slot the ones which are needed by your Class.

Armour Pieces

Gear SlotSet PieceLocation
HelmCrafted, requires
Ithiligalad Boxes
ChestWar of the Three
Peaks Missions
Shoulders War of the Three
Peaks Missions
GlovesWar of the Three
Peaks Missions
LegsWar of the Three
Peaks Missions
BootsWar of the Three
Peaks Missions
CloakWilderland Dailies
Off-handEmbers Lootbox Barter
Class ItemThrone Raid Barter

Jewelry Pieces

Gear SlotSet PieceLocation
Earring 1Wilderland Dailies
Earring 2Wilderland Dailies
Necklace Wilderland Dailies
PocketWilderland Dailies
Bracelet 1Wilderland Dailies
Bracelet 2Wilderland Dailies
Ring 1Wilderland Dailies
Ring 2 Wilderland Dailies


Essence NameEssenceNote
Physicality EssenceUse this on Class Item.
Physical MasteryUse these to reach
800-850K Mastery.
Critical RatingUse these to reach
600K+ Crit Rating for groups.
VitalityStart using these when
Mastery and Crit Goals are met.
Physical Mastery TriggerUse 1 of these.
Critical Rating TriggerUse 1 of these.
Frost TriggerUse 1 of these.
Fire TriggerUse 1 of these.

*Note: If you do not have the resources/solvents for Slade-wrought (Tier 6) Essences, then you can use Tier 4 or Tier 5 Essences, and they are still good enough for all content!

Trait Trees

This is how I trait my Warden:

PvE Red Tree for Warden

You get everything you need here, the extra Light-type damage from Blue line, extra duration of mitigation debuffs (+ making them AoE based), 70K finesse and 5% critical chance from Yellow line. While also having everything you need from Red line.

Pre-fight, you should also swap to Blue line and use Never Surrender from there so it becomes a shorter, 5 minute cooldown. Then swap back to Red line.

35 Trait Points Build for Legendary Servers:

35 Points Build

60 Trait Points Build for Beginners:

60 Points Build


These are the virtues I use to reach the Stat Goals. You can play around with these to get the numbers you want, but I would not recommend using any Mits virtues (apart from Fidelity) as you don’t gain much from them.

Virtues for Red-Line

By using these Virtues, I reach my Stat Goals, while still maintaining a good Morale pool.

  1. Valour (Best DPS virtue for Physical classes)
  2. Determination (Best DPS virtue for Agility classes)
  3. Confidence (Best Critical Rating virtue for all classes)
  4. Wit (Great for Finesse and Critical) (Usually my number 5 is placeholder, I swap this one a lot depending on the fight)
  5. Loyalty (Best Morale virtue for every class).

Legendary Items

Red Warden generally just needs 2 Imbued LIs (which is nice), but there’s some weapon swapping involved (with crafted Off-hand), which is required just for Red Bleed gambits. This will be explained in rotation section.

1-Hander Weapon

TypePost-Imbued Legacy
MajorLight Damage
MajorMarked Target Double-cast Chance
MajorSpear Gambit Damage
MinorRanged Damage
MinorSurety of Death Damage Over Time
MinorLegacy of Vitality
MinorLegacy of Agility


Warden’s Javelin (Class Item)

TypePost-Imbued Legacy
MajorFist Gambit Skill Damage
MajorIn Combat Power Regeneration
MajorShield Gambit Line Healing
MajorSpear-Shield Gambit Damage
MinorLegacy of Vitality
MinorLegacy of Agility
MinorLegacy of Fate


Swap Legendary Items

There is 1 swap needed for Warden. An Unimbued 1-hander Weapon.

Non-Imbued LI Weapon Swap (Preferably a 1-hander Axe for a visual cue)

TypePre-Imbued Legacy
MajorMarked and Diminished Tgt Debuff
MinorHampering Javelin Duration
(Rest 4 legacies can be random)


  • Marked and Diminished Target Debuff: This legacy is important because you get additional 2.5% Physical mitigation debuff with this legacy, if you use this swap after getting a Double proc from the Imbued LI (Rotation of this skill is explained in the Warden Class Guide).
  • Hampering Javelin Duration: Useful legacy swap, particulary for PvP and for certain encounters in Raids/Instances.


Before I begin, I will explain how to use Warden’s Mitigation debuffs properly and which weapon to use for which Gambit.


  1. Marked Target has a base 5% Physical Mitigation debuff. With the legacy on Imbued LI, it has a 35% proc chance to apply that same debuff again, which it makes it 10% in total.
  2. You should use Marked Target every ~20 seconds to get the proc for the double debuff.
  3. After you get double Marked Target debuff, you should weapon swap to Unimbued LI and throw Marked Target again for another 2.5% Physical mitigation debuff.
  4. This makes the debuff -12.5% Physical mitigation in total.
  5. You have another skill, called Diminished Target, that reduces Tactical Mitigation by 5%. By using the same Unimbued swap weapon, you can make that debuff -7.5% Tactical Mitigation.
  6. How to properly include both these skills into rotation precisely, is explained down below.


by Ace of Arkenstone

-> Ranged Stance

RRC (LI sword)-> Marked Target (LI sword) ->

Diminished Target (Unimbued Swappy with +7.5% Diminished)

-> Melee Stance

Recklessness -> Spear of Virtue (LI sword) -> Unnering Strike (Ember Sword) ->

Surety of Death (LI Sword) -> Desolution (LI Sword) -> Piercing Strike (LI Sword) ->

Mighty Blow (Ember Sword) -> Power Attack (Ember Sword) -> Wall of Steel (Ember Sword) ->

Brink of Victory (LI Sword)

—> Repeat

DPS Rotation Video

Warden DPS Rotation by Wulfdur of Arkenstone (including Debuffs and Swaps)

10 sec Mastery Rotation with Raid Set:

Pre Combat:
Battle Preperation > Swap Ranged Stance > Build Res. Challenge (Fi-Sh, Fi-Sp) > Swap Melee Stance > Spam Battle Prep until fight starts

0-15 sec:
Marked Target (Imbued LI) > Diminished Target (Unimbued LI) > Pop Relentless Attack > Res. Challenge (Imbued LI from B. Memory)
Desolation : Fi-Sh, Fi, Sh-Fi (with Imbued LI)
Unerring : Sp-Sh, Fi-Sp, Sh-Sp (with Crafted Offhand)
Spear of Virtue : Fi, Sp-Fi, Sp-Sp (with Imbued LI)
Surety of Death : Fi, Sh, Fi-Sh (with Imbued LI)

15-30 sec:
Brink of Victory : Fi, Sh-Fi (with Imbued LI)
Mighty Blow : Sp-Sh, Fi-Sp (with Crafted Offhand)
Wall of Steel (For Quick Sweep): Sp, Sh, Sp, Sh (with Imbued LI)
Precise Strike : Fi, Sp-Fi (with Imbued LI)
Precise Blow : Fi, Sp-Sp (with Imbued LI)
Marked Target : (Unimbued LI if double procced before, Imbued LI if no proc before)
Goad : Fi-Fi (with Imbued LI)
Resounding Challenge : Swap Ranged Stance > Res.Challenge (Fi, Sh-Fi, Sp) > Swap Melee Stance

30-45 sec:
Desolation : Fi-Sh, Fi, Sh, Fi-Fi (with Imbued LI)
Unerring : Sp-Sh, Fi-Sp, Sh-Sp (with Crafted Offhand)
Spear of Virtue : Fi, Sp-Fi, Sp-Sp (with Imbued LI)
Surety of Death : Fi, Sh, Fi-Sh (with Imbued LI)

45-60 sec:
Brink of Victory : Fi, Sh-Fi (with Imbued LI)
Mighty Blow : Sp-Sh, Fi-Sp (with Crafted Offhand)
Wall of Steel (For Quick Sweep): Sp, Sh, Sp, Sh (with Imbued LI)
Precise Strike : Fi, Sp-Fi (with Imbued LI)
Precise Blow : Fi, Sp-Sp (with Imbued LI)
Power Attack : Sp, Sh, Fi (with Crafted Offhand)
Diminished Target : (Unimbued LI)
Marked Target : (Unimbued LI if double procced before, Imbued LI if no proc before)
Goad : Fi-Fi (with Imbued LI)
Resounding Challenge : (from Battle Memory)



Note: – Power Attack is not used on first 30 sec rotation because of the build up time needed for Res. Challenge. It is used on second 30 sec rotation because Res. Challenge is used from memory giving us time to build Power Attack and refresh Diminished Target.

  • Marked target refresh: Which LI to use depending on procs for a chance to get %12.5 debuff
  • Marked target is positioned 22 sec into rotation to maximize lucky %12.5 debuff for up to 40 sec.
  • Res Challenge build time in first 30 sec rotation, compensated with Power Attack + Dimished Target on 2nd 30 sec rotation.
  • All masteries used pretty much on cd to get bleeds up as quickly as possible and benefit raid set.
  • Bleed order aligned to masteries: Unerring on first mastery rotation, Mighty Blow on 2nd mastery. Deso on one, surety on 2nd etc etc.

Continue rotation but skip small bleeds as punishment
1-2 sec lag/out of melee range: Skip Precise Blow*
2-5 sec lag : Skip Power Attack, Precise strike


There are the consumables I use on Warden:

Updated as of U30.