Yellow Captain

Yellow Captain Tank ‘Leader’ Build

By Araphorn

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Welcome, here you will find an extremely good build for Captain Tank. This build has cleared full T3 Remmorchant successfully, without any issues.

Captain tank is the best tank in LOTRO right now, as far as anything goes. They have the best survival and offer the best group utility when compared to any other tank. As for the aggro control, they don’t have the best AoE aggro control, but that’s usually not an issue for raids, but they do have great Single-target control (which is a bit tricky when compared to Guards, but I’ll explain that in rotation section).

Captain tank brings +10% group wide morale, a double mark for the group (either Telling or Revealing), an extra Banner, some extra useful heals/HoTs, fellowhip To Arms, and a double Rez. This is too much utility to even consider taking any other tank instead of a Captain tank, not to mention their great survival, Last Stand and Shield/In Harms Way.

Stat Goals

*This applies to all levels, from 0 to 130.

Your primary stat as a tank is Morale, that means lots and lots of Vitality. In fact, Vitality is the only essence I use on all my gear pieces. MM instance cluster is lenient on tactical damage, so there is no need to use any Tactical Mitigation essences.

Vitality > Physical Mitigation > Tactical Mitigation > Finesse

Take your Morale as high as you can, as there is a hidden Mitigation Penetration on T3, so it’s not worth it to use Mitigation essences, you get slightly more gains from more Morale. Moreover, Physical Mitigation is generally over-capped with Raid Armour and with buffs, and Tactical Mitigation should be at an acceptable level with Virtues and Buffs and doesn’t require any Essences to complete T3+ content.

Self Buffed Stats should be:

Morale~900,000 – 1,000,000+
Physical Mitigation (Usually very high with Endgame Gear) 800,000
Tactical Mitigation (In groups, this is much higher) ~500,000+
FinesseUsually default value with gear
Critical Defense ~40%+

* While you are gearing up, remove all Essences from your current Gear, and then slot Essences as per the Stat goals. After you have met the Stat goals, then place the right Virtues (more down on that down below). This way you can plan your setup better, and utilize Essences perfectly, and can dump the remaining Essences in Vitality or other Stat of your choice after meeting Stat goals mentioned above.


The new Armour Set from Remmorchant Raid for Yellow Line Captain is probably the best set bonus Yellow Captains have ever received. It is highly recommended to have that. It allows a Captain to use Last Stand just about every 2 minutes, which is extremely OP. The set advertises -25% Last Stand cooldown, but Last Stand cooldown also gets reduced each time you are critically hit, so it pairs very nicely with the set.

Armour Pieces:

(Click for larger picture)
  • 4x Heroic Challenge Set

These 4 pieces (Greater) upgradeables are from the Remmorchant Barter in Estolad Lan. If you don’t have access to this set, you can easily use the previous (Old) dropped Raid Armour of Item Level 430, which is also barterable. Make sure to not mix the sets, new Set bonus doesn’t combine with the old one.

For Hands and Boots, these 2 pieces are great choices. They drop from Shadowed King Instance, and offer a very high slice of Vitality compared to Raid Armour. These Pieces can go up to Item Level 424.


From 2021 Spring Festival Instance


From Ember’s Barter Box



Jewelry Pieces:


These drop from Shadowed King T4/T5


From new AD Raid


From new AD Raid


From new AD Raid


From new AD Raid


These are the only Essences you want to use on a Captain tank. Can save some room for Trigger essences though, for harder content.

Special Trigger Essences to use:

I have these on a Swap piece, you should use these for T3+ Raids.

Trait Trees

There are multiple trees needed for Yellow Line Captain, with each having their own purpose. Which tree to use depends on the type of content you are doing and what the group leader wants from you. There’s a build for Double Rez and extra healing support while tanking. Then there’s another build which includes traiting for maxed out Red banner which allows your raid to have 2 Red Banners, which is very nice to have for DPS incentive fights. For example, I usually traited Yellow-Red for Boss 1 to Boss 3 in Remmorchant, as they required 2nd Red Banner, but for Shelob (Boss 4) I traited Yellow-Blue with double Rez, as there was no need for 2nd Banner in that fight.

Here is the Yellow-Blue tree. I generally use this tree in MM 6-mans (as my group always has a Red cappy) and I use this tree for Shelob, and for instances which has no requirement for an extra Red Banner:

Yellow-Blue tree.

This tree gives me all the important stuff, just no Red banner, but you have the Yellow Banner here, which is extremely good for heals. It is not worth traiting for Strength in Numbers as that skill didn’t scale properly after 105, it’s a waste of points. Noble Mark also got badly nerfed, so not worth traiting for that either. Traiting for 5% block chance is only nice for trash mobs, but since those are not an issue, it’s not worth wasting 5 points for that, cause you can’t use that on bosses.

Here is my Yellow-Red tree:

Yellow-Red Tree

That is my setup for Yellow-Red, it’s generally same stuff in Yellow as compared to previous one, it’s just lesser stuff from Blue (No Double-Rez) and more in Red for Red Banner.


These are the virtues I use to reach the Stat Goals. You can play around with these to get the numbers you want, but I would not recommend using any Mits virtues (apart from Fidelity) as you don’t gain much from them. I use these 5 virtues on all my tanks as I find these exact ones to be the best for tanks.

Virtues for Tanking

By using these Virtues, I reach my Stat Goals, while still maintaining a good Morale pool.

  1. Loyalty (Number 1 virtue for Morale, for any class)
  2. Fidelity (Number 2 virtue for tanks, gives decent Morale + Tactical Mits)
  3. Honour (Very good virtue for Morale, also gives decent Tactical Mits and Critical Defence)
  4. Fortitude (Very good for Morale and solid Critical Defence, also gives some Resistance)
  5. Charity (Gives a nice amount of Vitality, but is primarily used for Resistance, which is super good for tanks in Remmorchant Raid)

If you don’t have these virtues, here are some alternatives:

  • Tolerance
  • Innocence
  • Compassion

Legendary Items

Captain tanks require 2 LIs dedicated to tanking alone. They are pretty straight-forward and these are the legacies you need:

1-Hander Weapon

TypePost-Imbued Legacy
MajorCaptain Area-effect Healing
MajorBattle-hardened Outgoing Healing Buff
MinorBattle-hardened Incoming Damage and IDOME
MinorDefensive Strike Armour Buff
MinorBattle-readied Damage Buff
MinorMuster Courage Fear Resist
MinorLegacy of Vitality


Captain’s Emblem (Class Item)

TypePost-Imbued Legacy
MajorHealing Critical Magnitude
MajorMelee Skills Healing
MajorRallying Cry Healing
MajorVocal Skills Healing
MinorLast Stand Heal
MinorWords of Courage Healing
MinorLegacy of Vitality


Swap Legendary Items

You need 2 Swap LIs for Captain, these are a must for tanking.

  1. Weapon is used as a swap for the following skills:
    • Make Haste duration, super necessary, lots of fights will require you to use this for your group, and the longer duration, the better.
  2. Emblem is used as a swap for:
    • Shield of Dunedain duration. The most important swap for tanking Captain. You need to swap Emblem every time you want to use this skill. Don’t forget to swap it back after using.


Here is what I do on Captain Tank, but before I begin, I will go through all of the Captain Taunts, as there a lot now.

  1. Threatening Shout: Single Target Taunt, 15 seconds cooldown. This is your best Taunt for Single-target.
  2. Elendil’s Roar: This is a new skill added with U27. It’s a massive AoE Taunt, which has 10 Targets and 30 seconds cooldown.
  3. Grave Wound: This is a Single Target Taunt, 15 seconds cooldown and is Melee. It’s a very unreliable Taunt, which gets B/P/E’d all the time, use this when you have no other option.
  4. Improved Blade of Elendil: Single Target Taunt, 4 seconds cooldown and is Melee. This is a very reliable Taunt, it never misses. However, it takes away your Battle-hardened State, which is important to be in while Tanking. Use this if you can instantly refresh your BH State.

For AoE aggro control:

  1. Aggro control is a bit tricky on Captain. You don’t have infinite AoE skills which generate aggro for you, unlike Guardian, and you don’t want to start your pull with the AoE Taunt (Elendil’s Roar) right away. What I do to counter this is with some healing (HPS).
  2. So what I do is, instead of picking and tanking mobs 1 by 1, I try to pick as much as I can, say around 10+, I run in and start with inspire (which puts a nice little HoT on all of my group), I ask my DPS people to not touch any mobs until I hoard them all in one place. While running with inspire and collecting mobs, I usually get defeat response from hits, which I use Rallying Cry first.
  3. Now I have collected all mobs in one place without using my AoE taunt, my HoTs from Inspire and Rallying Cry have done the work for me, and this is when I ask my DPS to start DPSing.
  4. Now I throw my Banner and To Arms, and Routing Cry when I get a defeat response. I still haven’t used AoE taunt. If I’m taking a heavy beating, I use Last Stand.
  5. Now it’s been a few seconds since I’ve stopped, the DPS has done some damage to mobs, now I use my AoE taunt (Elendil’s Roar). (Generally after 3+ seconds of stopping, after using Banner and To Arms). This copies all the threat and mobs remain mine. If I use the taunt too early, I will lose the aggro.
  6. That’s generally how AoE aggro is controlled on Captain, let your HoTs do the work, wait a bit and then use Taunt. You have Shield, Last Stand, Morale Pots and Pet Heal to keep you alive if you do big pulls. Can also use the Shield on your DPS people if their DPS is too high and they steal some mobs from you.

For Single-target aggro control:

  1. Single-target aggro control is generally very easy, you have a lot of Single-target Taunts to cycle through, and you have time to get a 2nd taunt in without losing aggro in between. However, in Raids, especially with top DPS players, you have to be very fast with double taunts or you will lose aggro and get people 1-shotted.
  2. For Raids, I would recommend to carry a Captain Tonic (crafted) Pot always. If you have Time of Need Traited, can use that instead too. Use it before starting the Boss encounter. Start the Boss with a Threatening Shout – Sure Strike – Devastating Blow – Blade of Elendil (That’s your Second Taunt). Use this rotation in rapid sequence to maintain aggro. After your Threatening Shout comes off cooldown, use it again and Boss is yours for at least 1-2 minutes.
  3. Refresh your taunts every 30 seconds to 1 minute for good practice.
  4. Now that the boss is under your control, it’s time to start to using self buffs. Throw your banner if you haven’t already pre-fight. Throw To Arms, use Routing Cry with defeat response.
  5. Every 15s refresh your Battle-hardened buff, it gives you -15% incoming damage, which is very important for you to have. Tracking this via a plugin helps. This buff is received after a hit of either Devastating Blow or Pressing Attack. However, don’t use those skills right after a Battle Shout. Use a Sure Strike before, so you get the extra 5% defence buff from there too.
  6. Maintain your Sure Strike buffs, maintain Battle-hardened buff, keep an eye on defeat responses, keep your Routing Cry buff on group, use Rally Cries if group already has Routing, and routinely re-taunt bosses to keep aggro.
  7. Here are a few videos you can see how Yellow Captain works in raids:
Captain Tank
Captain Tank


There are the consumables I use on Captain:

These are crafted pots for Captain. They come in useful for single-target taunts when required. Can quickly use these – Devastating Blow – Blade of Elendil.

This is the food I use:

Use the yellow food first, then purple, that way it all stacks and you just lose the 3.4K Might rating bonus, which you don’t need while tanking.

Updated as of U29.