Yellow Rune-keeper

Lightning Rune-keeper ‘Thunder’ Build

By Araphorn

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Welcome, here you will find an excellent build for Lightning RK, tuned specifically for T3 Remmorchant raid.

Lightning RK was one of the top specs since MM expansion released, but they got a few nerfs around Update 26. They are now not what they once were, and their rotation is severely crippled with the addition of a cooldown on Ceaseless Argument. I would say now that they are 60-70% of what they once were. They were nerfed around wrongly, there was no need to add cooldowns to skills and break their rotation, they just needed a base damage reduction nerf to an appropriate level.

When Lightning RKs do get a spot in Raids, they can still provide DNFs to group, which are valuable, and have decent (not great) DPS if they play it right. Ranged DPS still necessary for some fight after all.

Stat Goals

*This applies to all levels, from 0 to 130.

The best stats for Lightning RKs is Critical Rating and Tactical Mastery. After that is in control, then Vitality and Finesse should be worked on to an acceptable level.

Tactical Mastery > Critical Rating > Vitality > Finesse

  • Tactical Mastery at ~800K (unbuffed)
  • Critical Rating at ~580K (unbuffed)
  • Morale at 275K+ (unbuffed)
  • Finesse at ~300K+

You should aim for those stats at that level, so with a Red Captain in your group, you’ll be able to cap both, Mastery and Critical. That is the most efficient way to build your RK. You will get some Essence Slots open that way, which you can use Vitality Essences to get more Morale for your RK.

* While you are gearing up, remove all Essences from your current Gear, and then slot Essences as per the Stat goals. After you have met the Stat goals, then place the right Virtues (more down on that down below). This way you can plan your setup better, and utilize Essences perfectly, and can dump the remaining Essences in Vitality or other Stat of your choice after meeting Stat goals mentioned above.


The new Armour Set for RKs from Remmorchant Raid called ‘Sudden Thunder’ is extremely good for Lightning RKs. It gives Static Surge another 10% chance to proc, which makes it overall a 20% chance with passive trait. This results in Surge to proc on a very decent rate, which helps with rotation gaps due to Ceaseless Argument cooldown, not to mention Static Surge’s great damage potential.

If you don’t have the Sudden Thunder set from Remmorchant raid, use T1 armour instead, until you obtain the RK raid armor.

Unbuffed Stats.

This is the gear that I use. It includes 4x Yellow Line Armour Set and 1x Red Boots, and 1x T1 Remmorchant Gloves. Please note that these stats/morale are high because all my Damage/Red Virtues are capped. If you don’t achieve these stats, replace the Vitality essences (down below) till you reach ~800K Tactical Mastery and ~580K Critical rating.

Here it is in detail:

(Click for larger picture) – These drop from T3 difficulty of Remmorchant Raid and a have small chance of dropping from T1/T2 sidebosses of the raid.

That is my Armour and Essences combination. By using this setup, I reach my Stat Goals, and have a great Morale pool and Finesse rating. The gear/virtues itself give me all the Finesse I need (270K+ for no resists), so I don’t have to slot any Finesse essences.

Here are the Jewels I use:

Necklace, Pocket, Earrings, Rings & Bracelets.
  1. Earrings: Shadowed King T5
  2. Pocket: Thrang T2
  3. Necklace, Bracelets and Rings: Amdân Dammul (New WotTP Raid)

Special Trigger Essences to use:

These are the two Trigger essences you need as a must for Lightning RK.

Trait Trees

Here is how I trait my Lightning RK:

Lightning RK tree.

You get everything important here, the extra Will from Blue line, extra Mits and instant Self Motivation from Red line, and everything you need from Yellow line to DPS.


These are the virtues I use to reach the Stat Goals. You can play around with these to get the numbers you want, but I would not recommend using any Mits virtues (apart from Fidelity) as you don’t gain much from them.

Virtues for RK.

By using these Virtues, I reach my Stat Goals, while still maintaining a good Morale pool.

  1. Honesty (Great for extra Outgoing Healing (through Tactical Mastery) and Critical Rating)
  2. Wisdom (Great for Will/Mastery boost along with some Finesse)
  3. Confidence (Great for extra Critical and some Finesse)
  4. Wit (Excellent for Finesse, and good for extra Mastery/Critical) (I swap this to Fidelity for tougher fights)
  5. Loyalty (Number 1 virtue for Morale, for any class)

If you don’t have these virtues, here are some alternatives:

  • Tolerance
  • Fidelity

Legendary Items

These are pretty straight-forward for Lightning RKs, there’s no weapon swapping at all. However, if you can swap Rune-stones for Flurry of Words debuff (if no one in your group is doing it that is), that can comes in pretty nice.

Lightning Stone, Chisel and Lightning Bag.

I find these legacies to be the best for Lightning RKs, you can also use the same Rune-stone for Fire line DPS.

Swap Legendary Items

There are a few swaps needed for DPS RKs. One Swap is needed for extra Flurry of Words duration and another Two swaps are needed for the skill called: Do Not Fall This Day (DNFs).

Here’s the swap for Flurry of Words:

Swap Rune-stone.

This Rune-stone is used as a swap for the following skill:

  • Flurry of Words. It makes the skill’s duration last for 25 seconds and its cooldown is 25 seconds also, which makes the debuff a 100% uptime. Pretty nice to swap to this for the debuff.

Here are the swaps needed for the skill Do Not Fall This Day (DNF):

Swap Rune-stone & Bag
  1. Rune-stone is needed for the Healing Attuned Skill Power Cost Legacy, it has a 2nd legacy on imbuement which increases the Morale return on RK Revives (DNFs) by up to 90%+, which is very important for those who take DNFs.
  2. Bag is used as a swap for DNFs as well. It reduces DNF cooldown by half, allowing the RK to place it on 2 people per 5 minutes. Pretty important to swap for this (Don’t forget to swap back).

It is very good to swap both, Rune-stone and Bag before placing a DNF, this way it ensures your target revives with 90%+ Morale pool and gets your DNF cooldown to 2m30s.


Here is what I do on Lightning RK:

But before I begin, I will clarify how Writ of Lightning works if there are multiple RKs in group.

  • Tier 1 : Writs can override each other in this tier between RKs. First RK’s Writ T1 will be replaced with second RK’s Writ T1 and will not upgrade to T2!
  • Tier 2-3: Writs do NOT override each other between RKs. Whoever has the Tier 2-3 writ on the mob has the full control, any other RK’s writ will do nothing (will not upgrade, will not refresh duration will do just nothing)
  • CnR Writ: CnR Writ is the exception, overrides any writ regardless of tier.
  • So, if there are multiple Lightning RKs in group, you need to assign 1 person for Writs as usual and first 3-4 seconds no other RK should use writ. As soon as Writ RK upgraded his writ to T2, others then can use writs freely.

DPS Rotation, assuming it’s a boss fight:

  1. Place down Flurry of Words on where boss is supposed to be moved/tanked at.
  2. Place down Lightning and Fire rock for attunement boost, so Concession & Rebuttal (CnR) skill can be used 1-2s before getting into combat.
  3. If you are the Writ RK, then use Writ now, to get a T3 Writ debuff on boss. If you are not, then don’t do this.
  4. Use Ceaseless Argument (CA) next and always keep it on cooldown, prioritize this skill the most, only exception is Static Surge (SS), use SS first even if CA is off cooldown.
  5. After CA is on cooldown, use Scribe’s Spark, then Essence of Storm, then Vivid Imagery and cut that animation with Final Words skill.
  6. After you have done that, refresh Writ (if you are the RK assigned for it), and watch for a buff called ‘Closing Remarks’. It can help a lot if you use a plugin to track this buff. I use BuffMonitor to track this buff and ‘Charged’ buff.
  7. If you have the Closing Remarks buff, use Epic Conclusion (EC) now, this is the only time you will use EC for the next 3 minutes till your CnR skill is back. Ideal time to use EC is when you have CnR up on yourself, you have Closing Remarks also, and there is an Oathbreakers on the boss. That’s the one time EC and its DoT will do the most damage. Never use EC without those things.
  8. Never use Shocking Words unless you want to stun a mob desperately, because it removes all your attunement, meaning you will lose out on 9% critical chance and 27% damage until you bring your attunement back. Never use EC also as mentioned above, unless you have CnR/Closing Remarks buff and Oathbreakers on boss to compensate.
  9. This brings us to the last Lightning skill, called Sustaining Bolt. Use this skill only when you have the ‘Charged’ buff. Track this via a plugin, I use BuffMonitor. If you use this skill without the Charged buff, then you lose all attunement and it’s a DPS loss.
  10. To summarize, here’s how the rotation looks:
  11. Writ – CA – Scribe’s Spark – Essence of Storm – Vivid Imagery – Final Words
    Static Surge (used whenever proc, drop every other skill in favor) – Sustaining Bolt (used whenever Charged buff proc) – Epic Conclusion (used with CnR/Closing Remarks and Oathbreakers).
  12. Track ‘Charged’ and ‘Closing Remarks’ via BuffMonitor plugin, it really makes life easy. Track Writ of Lightning debuff using Debuff Vitals plugin, which also makes life super easy. Both plugins are easy to setup and get working.
  13. When there is a rotation gap, use Flurry of Words. Also, you can use Steady Hands – Words of Exaltation on tanks/people taking heavy damage to give them a nice morale bubble.
  14. Refresh DNFs every 2m30s.


There are the consumables I use on RK:

  1. This Enamel I use for a Dev. boost when there are Oathbreakers on the target.

And this is the food I use:

Updated as of U28.