June 2022 (Yondershire U33 Update):

  • Updated all Class Builds with new Raid Gear.
  • A new Burglar Blue Line Build, by Moskin!
  • Added/Updated new Words of Craft Traceries for all Specs.
  • Added new Beorning Class Traceries introduced with U33 for all Beor Specs.
  • Adjusted Stat Goals, and LI Class Traceries for a few Specs.
  • Updated Food & Consumables for all Specs.
  • Updated Essences tables with new Essences.
  • A few behind the scenes improvements to load Pages faster.

    ** As I’m not actively playing LOTRO anymore, if you find that I have missed anything, or if there is a section you think can be improved, please feel free to reach out to me and we can fix it. Thanks!

Welcome to LotroHQ! In here you will find great builds for all LOTRO Classes. These are made for New and Returning players alike, which want to dive into endgame content, but generally all kinds of players can utilize these builds.

The class builds presented here are for Level 140 players, which include the best gear options, trait trees, skill rotations and more! There is a build for every spec which is used in endgame content, but you can also use them for Solo gameplay and Landscape!

Find builds for every Class at Class Builds and here are some featured builds, updated for Yondershire, Update 33:

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