What’s new?

  • June:
    • Class builds for Update 30 are underway after some testing is done, this should take a couple of weeks to be fully finished and released. As a side note, all U29 builds are still perfectly viable for all Lotro Content. Thank you for your patience. 🙂
    • LHQ Discord server has been shutdown as it has outlived its purpose. All important announcements will be made on this homepage. I want to thank everyone who was a part of that community.
    • LHQ website will still see updates for all content for the foreseeable future.
    • Red Line Beorning, Red Line Guardian and Red Line Rune-keeper build in the works.
  • April:
    • Now featuring a new Blue Line Warden Tank build, found under Class Builds, with big thanks to Eadondryt of Evernight for writing and providing this Build.
  • March:
    • All Class Builds have been updated for Update 29.

Welcome to LotroHQ! In here you will find the best and the most up-to-date builds for all LOTRO Classes. These are made for New and Returning players alike, which want to dive into endgame content, but generally all kinds of players can utilize these builds.

The class builds presented here are for Level 130 players, which include the best gear options, trait trees, skill rotations and more! There is a build for every spec which is used in endgame content, but you can also use them for Solo gameplay and Landscape!

Additionally, you can also find useful resources here also, which will enhance your LOTRO gameplay experience (mostly a work in progress for now).

Find builds for every Class at Class Builds and here are some featured builds, updated for The War of the Three Peaks Expansion, and Update 29:

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