What’s new?

  • September:
    • LHQ Discord is back, invite link is here or found on the Discord page under Menu.
    • New Builds for Red Beorning, Red Guardian, Red Rune-keeper and Yellow Minstrel are now live!
    • New: All Class Builds now have Starter Builds, which can be used by Solo players.
    • Changed the way Gear is displayed on all Class Builds, yay hovers?
    • All Class Builds have been updated for Update 30, Blood of Azog!
  • To-Do:
    • Class Builds now support Beginner (Solo) and Endgame builds (T4-5), and for the next update (Gundabad expansion), there will be new builds for Midgame (Tier 1-3) content as well.
    • New Legendary Items guides.
    • Builds for new class Brawler will come out after the class is more polished.
    • There will be multiple Trait Trees for all Builds, starting from 35 Trait Points -> 60 Trait Points -> 95 Trait Points trees.

New: LotroHQ has crossed 1 million views! I want to thank everyone who’s been on this long journey and has helped it grow along the way, and it is my aim to keep this resource updated for the time to come, for as long LOTRO is alive and kicking.

LHQ Stats

To celebrate this milestone, I will be doing a Giveaway for all LotroHQ members on Discord (invite link can be found above or here). Since gifting of items found on the Lotro Market is not currently available (a comment on this from SSG can be found here), I will be doing an in-game Giveaway on Arkenstone Server (to join this Giveaway, please join the official LotroHQ Discord server).

This Giveaway will have 3 winners, and winners can receive their gifts on Arkenstone server only. Here are the prizes:

  1. 1st Prize: 250 Universal Solvents.
  2. 2nd Prize: 100 Universal Solvents.
  3. 3rd Prize: 50 Universal Solvents.

The Giveaway will end on 1st October! Please join the Discord server to enter!

Welcome to LotroHQ! In here you will find the best and the most up-to-date builds for all LOTRO Classes. These are made for New and Returning players alike, which want to dive into endgame content, but generally all kinds of players can utilize these builds.

The class builds presented here are for Level 130 players, which include the best gear options, trait trees, skill rotations and more! There is a build for every spec which is used in endgame content, but you can also use them for Solo gameplay and Landscape!

Find builds for every Class at Class Builds and here are some featured builds, updated for Blood of Azog, Update 30:

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