Leveling in lotro

Welcome to the frontpage of Leveling in lotro. Below you’ll find 

  • Links to class specific traitlines and their status
  • Brief explainer about guides

Leveling general

LGeneral guide link(s)

Class links


Guide explainer

Valid score – How up-to-date or convinced of the information is guide

  • 0 – Not available
  • 1 – Out of date
  • 2 – Parts are invalid, but in absence of better provide a starting point
  • 3 –  Updated within the last 6 months of a major update.
  • 4 – Up-to-date and confident in its contents
  • 5 – Good, checked by multiple people
Each traitline has a score of 0-10 on how good the traitline is in general for leveling.  Usually rated for leveling speed, but points added or removed for survivabilty. 

Browse the levels of the traitline you’d be interested in or check the general descriptions about the pros and cons of each traitline.