Hello, this is Araphorn, author of LotroHQ. I’ve been working on this website’s idea for almost a year, but never had the time to finish it, but due to this lock-down, I finally sat down and finished it. Well, it will never be truly finished, I have plans to keep adding further material/resources to this website, which new, returning and endgame gamers alike can use to their benefit.

A little bit about me:

I have been a big LOTR fan since the movies came out almost two decades ago, and dived deep into the lore. I never really learned about the LOTRO MMO when it came out, due to the lack of advertising in my country, but my friend knowing the passion I had for this universe, bought me the game (back then it came in a Box set) in May of 2007. Coming from FPS Shooter games, I did not understand the game well at all, and I roughly played the game till Moria expansion came out. I, however then, had to take a break from the game to finish college and didn’t play for it a couple of years.

I came back to the game then in March of 2010, and started fresh with Turbine this time instead of Codemasters. With the help of new friends and kinships, I quickly learned the game and how it worked.

Ever since then, I have been playing with top-end kinships and players, consistently improving my gameplay, and learning new things constantly.

Why I made this website:

It was surprising for me, that in all these years, I never really saw a community website for LOTRO which covered endgame builds and guides, something which just about every other popular MMO has it covered. I’ve always seen people ask for help for builds/rotations/LIs and traits and so on, I’ve seen it been asked on Forums a lot and on World Chat. While those people do get some help, there are always mixed answers, which might or might not help.

That is why I decided to build this site, so there is one focused place for all the answers an endgame LOTRO player might need. It will also especially help returning/new players who don’t have much information about how the game has changed, or how it works.

Future scope of this website:

I have plans to grow this website to cover more LOTRO content and guides, as much as time allows. I also plan to start a Discord server for this website, to gain feedback from players as to what more they would like to see here.

Thank you for your time!