Yellow Burglar

Yellow Line Burglar ‘Riddler’ Build

By Moskin – Updated for Yondershire, U33

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Welcome, here you will find a good build for Yellow Burgs, tuned specifically for high-end Raids. Yellow Burg is a spec that hasn’t changed much over the years, and they’ve had a guaranteed spot in just about every LOTRO raid.

Yellow Burg brings a few important things to the raid, they bring debuffs such as Double Disable and Double Enrage, some CC and incoming damage debuffs to the target. Now, there are some fights which you can’t do without Double Disable at all, which is why there will always be a spot for Yellow Burgs, thus making this a nice spec to have.

Apart from the group utility, a well played Yellow Burg will also do 2/3 of the Red Burg’s DPS output, and that is not something that should be overlooked. Yellow Burg can help the group further by doing some really nice DPS too.

Stat Goals

These goals are kept with Essence & Gear planning in mind, as to which Essences are to be prioritized over others. These goals can also be used when picking Virtues.

Finesse (30%+) > Critical Rating > Physical Mastery > Tactical Mitigation > Vitality

After Finesse is at 30%+, so the debuffs/tricks do not resist/bpe at a T3+ level, then remaining Essences can be used on Critical Rating and Physical Mastery, so those 2 stats can get near capped. Then some room can be saved for Class & Trigger essences, and if there is still room available, then Tactical Mitigation essences can be used. At the beginning of expansion, Essence slots are really limited, this gets easier as better items become available later down the line.

* Before planning Essences, slot the right Virtues (more on that down below). This way you can plan your setup better, and utilize Essences perfectly, and you can dump the remaining Essence slots in Vitality, Finesse, or other Stat of your choice after meeting Stat goals mentioned above.


With new Raid released, new gear for Yellow Burglars is published in the tables down below. Yellow Burgs will use 4-piece of the new Yellow set, paired with a 3-piece Red set for additional damage. There are 2 published Builds, one for Endgame and one for Starters.

End-game Build

Armour Pieces

Gear SlotSet PieceLocation
HelmHiddenhoard Raid
ChestHiddenhoard Raid
Shoulders Hiddenhoard Raid
GlovesHiddenhoard Raid
LegsHiddenhoard Raid
BootsHiddenhoard Raid
CloakHiddenhoard Raid
Off-handHiddenhoard Raid
Class ItemThrone Raid Barter

Use Class Essence
here also.

Jewelry Pieces

Gear SlotSet PieceLocation
Earring 1Hiddenhoard Raid
Earring 2Hiddenhoard Raid
Necklace Hiddenhoard Raid
PocketHiddenhoard Raid
Bracelet 1Storvagun Winter Festival
Bracelet 2Storvagun Winter Festival
Ring 1Hiddenhoard Raid
Ring 2 Hiddenhoard Raid

Starter Build

The 140 Level Gear from this Build can be acquired by playing the 3 and 6 man instances, higher difficulty will award better loot. Having this gear will allow to progress level capped Raids. As for Essences, you can use the ones you get from Questing or Crafting (whichever Tier is fine), and try to follow the Stat Goals above and Slot the ones which are needed by your Class.

Armour Pieces

Gear SlotSet PieceLocation
HelmGundabad 6-Man Instance
ChestGundabad 6-Man Instance
Shoulders Gundabad 6-Man Instance
GlovesGundabad 3-Man Instance
LegsGundabad 3-Man Instance
BootsGundabad 3-Man Instance
CloakGundabad 6-Man Instance
Off-handEmbers Box
Class ItemThrone Raid Barter

Use Class Essence
here also.

Jewelry Pieces

Gear SlotSet PieceLocation
Earring 1Gundabad 6-Man Instance
Earring 2Gundabad 6-Man Instance
Necklace Gundabad 6-Man Instance
PocketGundabad 6-Man Instance
Bracelet 1Storvagun Winter Festival
Bracelet 2Storvagun Winter Festival
Bracelets AlternativeMountain-hold Barter.
Use these if no
Storvagun Bracelets
Ring 1Gundabad 6-Man Instance
Ring 2 Gundabad 6-Man Instance


Essence NameEssenceNote
Class EssenceUse this on Class Item
Critical RatingUse these to reach
near Critical Rating cap.
Physical MasteryUse these to reach
near Physical Mastery cap.
Critical Rating TriggerUse 1 of these.
Physical Mastery
Use 1 of these.
Tactical MitigationUse these to fill
slots after above
Essences are met.

Trait Trees

Here is the Yellow Tree with Gambler’s Advantage, and important utility from Red and Yellow both:

Yellow Burg Tree.

If your group needs you to have Trip or Stun dust, then take points from Backstab, Well-practiced, or Deft Strikes. Never go without GA.

35 Trait Points Build for Legendary Servers

35 Points Build

60 Trait Points Build for Beginners

60 Points Build


These are the virtues I use to reach the Stat Goals. I use mostly Offensive options, but if need be, some of them can be switched to more Defensive options as well, depending on the type of fight. More explained down below.

Virtues for Yellow-Line

Here are the Virtues which go along with the Stat Goals:

  1. Determination (Great for Mastery and Critical Rating)
  2. Valour (Great for Mastery, Finesse and Critical Rating)
  3. Confidence (Great for Critical Rating and Finesse)
  4. Wit (Great for Finesse, Mastery and Critical Rating)
  5. Loyalty (Great for Vitality and survival)

If you don’t have these virtues, here are some alternatives:

  • Fidelity (Great for Vitality + Tactical Mit)
  • Tolerance (Gives great amount of Tactical Mit, decent Physical Mit and Resistance)
  • Innocence (Gives great amount of Physical Mit, decent Tactical Mit Mit and Resistance)

Legendary Items

Here is the setup for Yellow Burgs. Due to the recent LI changes, using the same Weapon from Red Line makes it inefficient, so it is recommended to have a seperate Weapon for Yellow Line, as it is uses more Yellow-line orientated traceries for efficiency.

Moreover, if you followed the LHQ LI setup from Red Line, you do not need to make a seperate Bag (Class Item) for Yellow Line, Red Bag can be shared with Yellow line at no cost.

For Yellow-line LI, Tricks Damage is used instead of Surprise Strike Crit Chance. This is because the 50% damage increase to Tricks is higher than the ~10% damage increase to Surprise Strike from the 5% crit chance. (In Yellow the other half of the Tracery is useless because there is no Feint Attack)

1-Hander Weapon Yellow Line

Heraldic TraceryHeraldry of the Sparrow
Word of PowerSingle Target Attack Criticals
Word of PowerSingle Target Attack Damage
Word of MasteryAddle Tactical Damage Debuff
Word of MasteryMischievous Glee
Initial Healing
Word of MasterySnag Skills Damage
Word of MasterySurprise Strike Damage
Word of MasteryTrick and Trick Removal
Word of MasteryTricks Duration
& Resistance Penetration
Word of CraftHeroic Precision
Word of CraftHeroic Precision

Burglar’s Tools (Class Item) – For Yellow & Red

Heraldic TraceryHeraldry of the Sparrow
Word of PowerArea Effect Target Count
Word of PowerArea Effect Attack Criticals
Word of PowerArea Effect Attack Damage
Word of MasteryBackstab Damage
Word of MasteryChain Skills Critical Chance
Word of MasteryChain Skill Critical Multiplier
Word of MasteryCritical Response Skill Damage
Word of MasteryReveal Weakness Incoming
Damage & Range
Word of MasterySubtle Stab Damage
& Critical Multiplier
Word of CraftHeroic Alacrity
Word of CraftHeroic Alacrity

*Note: No Yellow-line specific traceries are used in this Bag (Class Item), thus making this Item usable in Red-line also, if you play both Specs.


by Moskin

Opening Skills: Stealth -> Reveal Weakness -> Surprise Strike -> Trickster -> Enrage (or Disable) -> Quite a Snag -> Addle.

Begin alternating Rotations 1 and 2 below. If Glee is needed, use it directly before Enrage (or Disable).

*Note: Use Addle as an animation cut immediately after either DES or QaS, as available.

  1. Gambler’s Advantage
    • Subtle Stab
    • Aim (or Provoke – not both!) (Cunning Attack if both down)
    • Flashing Blades
    • Double-Edged Strike
    • Subtle Stab
    • Enrage (or Disable if desired)–(Use Trickster before Enrage/Disable if off cooldown)
    • Surprise Strike
  2. Gambler’s Advantage
    • Subtle Stab
    • Provoke (or Aim – not both!) (Cunning Attack if both down)
    • Flashing Blades
    • Double-Edged Strike
    • Subtle Stab
    • Quite a Snag + Addle


There are the consumables used on Burglar:

  1. These are important for a Yellow Burg to have. It’s a free CJ and it helps when your Exploit Opening/Trip is on cooldown.

This is the Food Burgs use:

Updated as of U33.